SRM reveals ridiculously light powermeter for 2017

Cranks to be used by Bahrain-Merida during debut 2017 season

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar.

SRM's new spindle-mounted power meter just got revealed at the unwrapping of pro team Bahrain-Merida's new bikes in Croatia, and it looks set to be one of the lightest options available on the market.

SRM has a history of working with a number of exotic crank manufacturers including THM, and although SRM claims it is producing these cranks, they appear at least visually to be another collaboration with the ultra-lightweight German carbon specialists.

The ultralight carbon crank arms are claimed to weigh a mere 99g each

SRM claims that the carbon version of the cranks weigh in at a ridiculously light 99g per crank arm, which should make for a competitively light complete package when paired with with the same spider as is used on its Dura-Ace power meter.

SRM also claims that the cranks are its “most compatible system yet”, with the spindle-mounted power meter unit making for easy swaps.

The jury is still out on the gold version of the PC8 head unit - what do yo think?

When paired with SRM’s own PC8 head unit (which has been anodised in gold for the team in honour of the Bahrain royal family, because of course it has been), riders will be spoilt with a flood of data with stats including altitude, cadence and speed filling the generously sized, monochromatic display. The cranks will be available in both alloy and carbon flavours with pricing and availability still to be announced. 

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