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South African team to compete in UK

Anthony Tan & Jeff Jones
August 08, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 21, 2009, 0:05 BST
Regional Cycling News for August 8, 2005

Four riders from South African Team CVT/CS, have been invited to compete in the United Kingdom....

Four riders from South African Team CVT/CS, have been invited to compete in the United Kingdom. Wesley Cole, Chris Willemse Junior, Craig Butland and Jayson Berry leave for the UK on Wednesday, August 10 to race in the 9th annual Surrey League Revolutions 5-day between August 19 and 23. The CVT/CSC riders and will be joined by Tony Gibb and James Taylor from the Ploughman Craven Racing Team.

Wesley Cole, captain of Team CVT/CSC, says the opportunity to meet and compete against UK and European riders will be a good measure for Team CVT/CSC. "The event will benefit us in terms of international exposure as well as experience," Cole said.

With conditions in Surrey similar to those in Cape Town, the team believes it is well prepared for the coastal terrain of the race, which covers more than 650km in five days. The stages include a prologue of 3km, a time trial of 40km and four stages covering the balance.

This past weekend saw team CVT/CSC racing in the fifth WPCA Winter League Road Series, the 111 kilometre race at Redhill, Simon's Town. The race, a four lap 'climb' up the notorious Redhill, was won by GT Edu-Loan-Maties rider Arno Viljoen with his team mate Mike Sowerby in second and CVT/CSC rider Chris Willemse Jnr in third place.

"The race was a hard one, made even more difficult by strong winds which blew some of the riders off their bikes," said Willemse Jnr.

Team CVT/CSC is currently training for the Tour de Eden, which takes place at the end of August. The team also hopes to make its mark against the national teams in the OFS Classic and 94.7 races in the coming months.

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