Smaller Team Squamish ready for intense season

"I couldn't be more excited about the team this year," said Coach Paul Kindree about his Canadian...

"I couldn't be more excited about the team this year," said Coach Paul Kindree about his Canadian Team Squamish for 2008. "We have a slightly smaller roster than 2007 allowing us some extra freedom. We can offer more personal attention to the athletes and it has allowed the inclusion of some very keen, but less experienced younger members." Eight new riders have joined the team.

"It is pretty impressive to note that most of the team has competed at a provincial level, probably two thirds at a national level, and a quarter at international level," said Kindree. "Squamish should be very proud to have so many elite young athletes. We hope to up that ante again this season."

Thanks to the Olympics in August, much of the elite-level 2008 competition will be compressed into the earlier portion of the season. The World Championships are scheduled for mid-June instead of the customary August or September, and races like the Canada Cup are also early on the calendar while the Canadian National Championships are slated for July in Quebec.

The team will spend some time taking a few trips to the Burnaby Velodrome, interspersed with spin, core strengthening and gym work to be followed up with road and trail riding. The squad will also continue its cooperation with Mad March downhill technique camps, which have proved popular with the cross country riders.

Team Squamish for 2008: Philip Cairns, Aidan Davis*, Hayden Drygas, Kristin Drygas*, Ryan Edwards, Summer Griffin*, Eden Imbeau, Maia Kilby*, Neal Kindree, Mo Lawrence*, Robert Leigh*, Alison MacKellar, Miranda Miller, Toby Patterson-Nolan*, and Lauren Rosser*.

* indicates riders new to the team.

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