Sawicki chases new 24-hour Guinness World Record

Moab Solo Championships to be recognised by Guinness

Pua Sawicki of Team Mata will attempt to become the first-ever female record holder of the "Most miles ridden in 24 hours on a mountain bike" category later this year.

The Guinness Book of World Records will recognize this year's 24-hour US Solo National Championship male and female winners as the first such recordholders. The championships are being held in conjunction with the 24 hours of Moab, in Moab, Utah, on October 10-11.

Sawicki's current personal best was sent at her first 24-hour solo race in 2004, when she won the national title by riding 281.2 miles. Sawicki is a favorite for this year's race after winning three of the past four national championships.

"We are very excited about this, and we hope this will bring more attention to 24-hour mountain bike racing and mountain biking in general," said her husband Ron Sawicki.

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