Procycling Photography Special

A decade of shots from Tim de Waele

Although we rarely see him face to face, one of the most vital team members of Procycling magazine is Tim De Waele, cycle sport’s most talented photographer. He’s never in the office because he’s at races almost all the time – his calendar regularly ticks off around 250 days on the road. During his years covering events, he’s created mental maps of race locations that allow him to be in the right place at the right time far more often than if he’d left it all to chance.

The result of this dedication is literally thousands of outstanding race photographs. Procycling magazine can only print a fraction of Tim’s shots every month. This Procycling Photography Special gives you, the fans, a further opportunity to revel in the incredible races, faces and places of professional road racing.

You can order your copy here, or browse through some of the highlights here.

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