Pozzato denies tax evasion

Italian insists he lives in Monaco

Filippo Pozzato is under investigation for tax evasion in Italy but the Katusha rider has insisted he lives in Monaco and denies avoiding paying tax on his contract.

According to reports in the Italian press over the weekend, tax officials from Vicenza, near Pozzato’s home town of Sandrigo, suspect the 2006 Milan-San Remo winner has avoided paying tax in Italy since 2008. Italian media has reported that Pozzato could owe up to two million Euro. The classics rider is currently riding the Vuelta but denies tax evasion.

“It’s true I’ve been investigated by the Guardia di Finanza but that concerns 2008 when I was already living in Monaco. I categorically deny the amount that is contested,” Pozzato said in a statement.

“I’m not at all worried because there’s nothing that is false. I really do live in Monaco, where everybody knows me. I’m sure I can prove that I acted in good faith.”

Pozzato is the latest in a long line of Italian cyclists who have been investigated for tax evasion after apparently being based in Monaco during their careers.

Mario Cipollini reportedly paid the Italian tax authorities over a million Euro after a long investigation, but then won an appeal against the sentence. Paolo Bettini claims he resolved his problems with the Italian tax office before taking up the role of Italian national coach.

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