Peter Sagan and teammates go racing at the Salzburgring - Gallery

World champion test his mettle around the Austrian motor racing circuit

Last Friday, world champion Peter Sagan and his Bora-Hansgrohe teammates Marcus Burghardt, Michael Kolar and brother Juraj Sagan took a break from two wheels to test their mettle on four wheels.

The four riders descended on the snow-flanked Salzburgring in Austria to take part in a series of tasks set out by Bora-Hansgrohe's team car supplier, Auto Eder. Under the watchful eye of former DTM driver Christina Surer and two other coaches, the four riders had a go at drifting and weaved their way through a slalom course before putting the hammer down in a Mustang around the track itself. 

"It's a nice experience because you can learn something more from the powerful cars, and you can have some new experiences and learn a new skill," Sagan told Cyclingnews after having a go at the drifting and the slalom, with varied success. "I like drifting, but I don't really know how to drift very well. Powerful car, yes, but fast car I don't know."

Sagan will return to racing action on his bicycle at Eschborn Frankfurt next Monday, May 1, before heading stateside for the Tour of California. 

See what the riders got up to by flicking through the gallery above and watching the video below. You can also read Cyclingnews' interview with Sagan here and you can subscribe to our video channel here.

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