Paride Grillo to return home

Paride Grillo, sprinter of team CSF Group Navigare, will head home from the hospital on Wednesday...

Paride Grillo, sprinter of team CSF Group Navigare, will head home from the hospital on Wednesday following a recovery period due to an auto accident on New Years Day. The Italian crashed his BMW Z4 Coupe into an electrical box metres from his home in Appiano Gentile (Como) early that morning.

"Let's start from good news: next Wednesday I'll be at home, hopefully in the morning," said the 25 year-old. "Well, Sant'Anna hospital isn't uncomfortable at all, but – you know – it's an hospital: in the evening, at half past seven it feels like it's midnight..."

Grillo is clearly better, although tomorrow the rider will undergo a surgery to correct the deviation of the nasal septum. "The bad news is that on Tuesday I'm going to undergo a nasal surgery, to correct a deviation of my nasal septum, occurred because of the trauma I had on my face. Yesterday, I had a visit with a specialist, who prevented me from leaving the hospital, as I would have breathing problems – especially during big efforts – if I wouldn't take the surgery.

"Looking at the picture of the car, I think the deviation of the nose was caused by the airbag, but probably it also saved my eyes from the glass splinters, so I can't complain..."

The surgery will follow's last week's successful knee surgery. "Two days ago I had the surgery on my right knee, and it was okay, even if now I'm a bit in pain and I can't sleep properly.

"They had to apply five stitches, and I'm going to need a week of complete rest. Then gradually I'll be able to walk and gradually as well I'll be able to get back in the saddle of my Colnago [bicycle]. The doctors advised me to be careful and take it step by step, even because in the first period I might suffer some balance problems, because of the cranial trauma. So, I can't be sure of it, but let's hope to be able to train well within two or three weeks."

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