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New Zealand announces Commonwealth Games long team

Miwako Sasaki
May 13, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 20, 2009, 23:55 BST
Latest Cycling News for May 13, 2005

The New Zealand cycling federation, BikeNZ, has announced its "long team" for the 2006 Commonwealth...

The New Zealand cycling federation, BikeNZ, has announced its "long team" for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. These riders have been nominated in accordance with the Games nomination criteria as endorsed by the New Zealand Olympic Committee. The team can be added to or deleted from at the discretion of the BikeNZ High Performance Panel. But any cyclists who are aiming for selection in 2006 will have to be on the long team.


Tamara Boyd - WR
Toni Bradshaw - WR
Johanna Buick - WR
Sonia Foote - WMTBXC
Melissa Holt - WR
Michelle Hyland - WR
Rosara Joseph - WMTBXC
Joanne Kiesanowski - WT
Michelle Kiesanowski - WR
Katri Laike - WT
Catherine Sell - WT
Jennifer Smith - WMTBXC
Dale Tye - WT
Sarah Ulmer - WR
Paddy Walker - WT
Elizabeth Williams - WT
Carissa Wilkes - WMTBXC
Robyn Wong - WMTBXC


Jason Allen - MT
Clinton Avery - MMTBXC
Daniel Beatson - MT
Heath Blackgrove - MR
Richard Bowker - MT
Anthony Chapman - MT
David Cresswell - MT
Julian Dean - MR
Josh England - MT
Hayden Godfrey - MT
Justin Grace - MT
Tim Gudsell - MT
Matthew Haydock - MT
Greg Henderson - MR
Peter Latham - MT
Kashi Leuchs - MMTBXC
Fraser MacMaster - MR
Glen Mitchell - MR
Mike Northcott - MMTBXC
Robin Reid - MR
Hayden Roulston - MR
Marc Ryan - MT
Nathan Seddon - MT
Jeremy Vennell - MR

WR = Women's Road
WMTBXC = Women's Mountain Bike Cross Country
MMTBXC = Men's Mountain Bike Cross Country
WR = Women's Road
MR = Men's Road
MT = Men's Track
WT = Women's Track

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