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Neri Sottoli unveils Yellow Fluo look

Cycling News
January 10, 09:19,
January 10, 09:20
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 10, 2014
The new Yellow Fluo kit and bike

The new Yellow Fluo kit and bike

  • The new Yellow Fluo kit and bike
  • Mattia Pozzo

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New, even brighter colors for Italian team

The former Vini Fantini squad rolled out a new look for 2014 this week, adding even more neon to its kit after the arrival of the pickle maker Neri Sottoli as title sponsor.

Registered under the moniker Yellow Fluo, the team led by Luca Scinto adds fluorescent orange, green, red and blue to its previous bright yellow and black.

Team manager Angelo Citracca made the color selections, saying "We wanted to do something to differentiate [ourselves] and we have built a strong combination of colors, but still very attractive, and we hope that all the fans will appreciate it."

The jersey was presented in the new Renault showroom in Florence as part of a "made in Tuscany" project, and the team's press release says the design's strong color combinations protray "courage and enthusiasm" and will be "a distinctive symbol of the team during all the season".

The squad's Cipollini BOND bikes also include flourescent orange for its racing models.

There was speculation that the team would cease to exist after the doping positives from Danilo Di Luca and Mauro Santambrogio plagued the squad after the 2013 Giro d'Italia. Vini Fantini moved over to sponsor the Japanese Nippo-De Rosa team, but Scinto's squad was saved, then Neri Sottoli stepped in.

The team will make its debut at the Vuelta Tachira in Venezuela on January 10.

Janjapan 8 months ago
Wow, that's ugly!
PJK1972 8 months ago
Agreed. Too much! You have use in 2-3 colour combinations maximum or it does your eyes in.
wrinklyvet 8 months ago
Well, by contrast with Trek Factory Racing's dull predominantly black design I like this and think it will look well in bright continental light. It doesn't conform with any established ideas, by why should it? Very bold. Fantastic overkill and I go with that!
FabiquesAnquetillara 8 months ago
'12 and '13 was better, it was bright,bold,fluo,nice. This is way to much. Not nice at all. Overkill,I would say
Flowers075 8 months ago
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DAVE P 8 months ago
At least there's no hiding in the bunch for the riders.
Stalky 8 months ago
This is awesome...
FrogMan 8 months ago
excellent: better to be seen on the roads...
srsplato 8 months ago
This is an ugly kit, but I have to say that most of the new kits this year are ugly or boring. The fonts that most of them are using are designed to make the sponsor's name stand out, but also makes it look so gaudy. The cool kits are gone. The kits 10 years and older were awesome!
Badger582 15 days ago
Personally I have been waiting for a kit like this, I have traditionally bought bright clothing as I like to be seen when I'm riding. The pro teams should be promoting safer cycling. Sky, Black with little sky blue stripe. Omega, Black and white. not very good when cycling to work at 5 in the morning or home at 6pm (dark nights). I for one will be buying one as soon as I've finished writing this.