Menchov opts not fight two-year ban for doping

Katusha chose to protect his privacy

Denis Menchov has said he will not try to fight his two-year ban for doping announced by the UCI, saying that he does not want to 'waste time' trying to reduce his ban now that he is retired.

Menchov was stripped of his results from the 2009, 2010 and 2012 Tours de France for a violation of his Biological Passport blood data, with the UCI surreptitiously slipping the news into a summary of doping cases that was published on July 10.

Menchov officially finished second in the 2010 Tour de France behind Andy Schleck, after the disqualification of Alberto Contador for doping. He last raced with the Katusha team in March 2013 and retired in May 2013 citing a knee injury.

"I'm not going to appeal the sanction, I don't want to waste time doing it, nor do I want to spend any energy on it,” Menchov said, according to Russian website R-Sport.

The Russian Katusha team, where Menchov spent the final season and a half of his career, expressed its disappointment about the news and admitted that Menchov left the team due to his UCI Biological Passport case as well as his chronic knee problems.

The team defended the decision not to reveal details of the case at the time, citing Menchov's right to privacy. Menchov rode for the Rabobank, Geox and Katusha teams during the years of his biological passport violations. He won the 2009 Giro d'Italia despite crashing in the final time trial stage in Rome. However he has not been disqualified from that Grand Tour victory, even though his 51st place finish at the Tour the following month has been stricken from the record.

"In order to preserve his right to privacy until a final decision had been rendered, the team refrained from commenting publicly on the ongoing proceedings," a statement reads on the Katusha website.

"We understand that Denis Menchov has accepted a sanction. We have no further details regarding this case. However, we would like to once again express our serious disappointment with this news.

"Denis Menchov informed the team last year of this case and – according to the team policy regarding the fight against doping – his activity with the team immediately ceased. The decision taken by the team to cease its contractual relationship with Denis Menchov was based not only on the anti-doping proceedings but also on his chronic and persisting knee problems."

Menchov is reportedly creating a cycling school in his home town of Orel. He also won the Vuelta a Espana in 2007.

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