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Kennaugh: Froome and Wiggins can work together

Sadhbh O'Shea
January 6, 16:20,
January 6, 23:14
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, January 6, 2014
Peter Kennaugh (Sky)

Peter Kennaugh (Sky)

  • Peter Kennaugh (Sky)
  • Great Britain's Edward Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter Kennaugh compete during the London 2012 Olympic Games men's team pursuit
  • Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins chase the flying Juan Jose Cobo, 2011.
  • Peter Kennaugh (Sky) bandaged up after his stage 9 crash, did a lot of work today

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Manxman hoping to hit the ground running in 2014

Team Sky's Peter Kennaugh believes that Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins can work together to gain the team's third consecutive Tour de France victory.

"As long as Brad wants to do it and I think that he does. I think if you set your objectives clearly, going into the race, then I don’t see why not," Kennaugh told Cyclingnews.

There has been an internal rivalry between Froome and Wiggins, since the former appeared to attack Wiggins on La Toussuire during the 2012 Tour. David Walsh later revealed that Wiggins withheld Froome's winnings, for his part in the victory, until just before the World Championships last year.

"Everything seemed fine in the last camp," Kennaugh said of the relationship between the team's two leaders. The Manxman was part of the eight riders to assist Froome to victory last year and he is looking to make the cut again.

While he's got it on his calendar, the 24-year-old is taking nothing for granted. "You've got to do everything you can to make sure that you get into the team," he told Cyclingnews. "You can pencil it in, but anything can happen before then. You've got to prove yourself throughout the season. There's nine places and there's probably about 14 guys who've got it pencilled in."

This year's Tour de France will tackle nine of the cobbled sectors that make up the Paris-Roubaix route. As Fränk Schleck found out in 2010, the cobbles can be the breaking of your Tour de France campaign, but Kennaugh doesn't seem fazed by the challenge.

"I think I'm alright, I'll just get stuck in and do the best I can," he said in his usual self-confident manner. "It doesn't matter what you throw in there - crosswinds, cobbles or whatever - it's going to be the same. Every rider accepts that it’s going to be stressful. When you look at the guys we've got I don’t think we've got anything to worry about. We'll probably gain time rather than lose it on that stage."

Personal goals

Along with a second Tour de France Kennaugh is looking to play a supporting role at Paris-Nice. While Sky has big ambitions for 2014, his personal ambitions are slightly more modest. The Manxman will take part in the Ardennes Classics for the first time and hopes to make his mark on the smaller Italian one-day races.

"I just want to hit the ground running really, instead of starting the season out of condition," he said. "If I can go for the win then I want to be able to, rather than not being able to, like last year. There are not any races I've got it penned in where I think 'I'd like to win that'. I don't think I'm in the position to say or do that, because I've never won a pro race in my life."

The Manxman moved to Nice on Sunday, like many of his teammates, to be closer to the hills and make the most of the better weather. Despite missing some training he says the move won’t have any impact on the start of his season.

Further in the future, Kennaugh has also set his sights on the track for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The 24-year-old won gold in London on the track, but has since kept his sole focus on the road.

"I would like to compete on the track again, but when I start riding it properly again is a different question," he told Cyclingnews. "I think I'll just see how I feel a bit closer to the time. I might start riding it again at the end of 2015 and do a full winter maybe.

"It's just something that's at the back of my mind. I'm just focussing on this year and what I've got to do to be where I want to be at the start of the season. I might feel different about it in a year's time, so I don't want anything set in stone."

Kennaugh took part in the Revolution series at the weekend, where he won the points race by lapping the field seven times. He will go to his first team camp on January 13, for 15 days, before beginning his road season at Challenge Mallorca in February.

the sceptic 8 months ago
Kennaugh will get his first GT podium this year, and he will be the next british tour winner.
GuyIncognito 8 months ago
That was actually Sky's plan when they first announced at their 2010 presentation that they'd have a british tour winner 'within 5 years'
Nuash65 8 months ago
"lapping the field seven times" Bloody hell - that's hard to imagine happening! Yeah I understood that too about Kennaugh being groomed for GT greatness, with the 5 years appearing optimistic re. him.
Chris Todgers 8 months ago
apparently it was a blistering performance. highlights are on BT Sport tuesday, weds, thursday, along with Clancy/Woods WR in the madison. Where had you heard this about grooming Kennaugh. Surely the plan was to always have Wiggins win it?
Peter von 8 months ago
Isn't this a case of putting the eggs in more than one basket? Surely they didn't tell Wiggins and Froome when they hired them that they were only there to lead the team while Kennaugh was still too young to win the Tour. Likewise they have noticed Kennaughs talent when they started the team and figured he could be a future star. Kennaugh might be a big star in the future if he performs well in this years Tour he might even get his own Grand Tour in 2015 or maybe he'll have to wait until 2016 when Porte is gone.
Chris Todgers 8 months ago
Really? Where did you hear this? I know Wiggins said (year or so ago) that he thought Kennaugh was a potential tour winner in the future, but i didn't know it had been the plan for Kennaugh to be the 'chosen one'' since 2010.
danjo007 8 months ago
mention froome, and todgers is here with bells on .. sigh ..
Getagrip 8 months ago
Wow... thanks for that really insightful and interesting addition to the comments section...
Chris Todgers 8 months ago
Its a cycling forum. Its an article about Sky. Therefore cycling fans and Sky fans are likely to comment / ask questions / discuss. If you don't like that, i don't know why you're even on this website in the first place. "Sigh" indeed.
sam171 8 months ago
he's definitely being groomed to be a GT sky contender. Apparently, he's a masochist when it comes to putting in miles and working.
AGina007 8 months ago
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boombastic 8 months ago
!Kennaugh: Froome and Wiggins can work together!" building houses perhaps.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
in Kenya
ellenbrook2001 8 months ago
please enough his enough of the SKY team god sake was the bad think pommy did win the tour always sky,sky, one day we will found out what they did to they riders to be so supreme and all above everyone cannot wait if a still a live?
ianfra 8 months ago
If you want to know how and why Sky won two tours then I suggest that you read David Walsh's book, Inside Team Sky. It does give an insight into the team and written from an honest perspective.
TheFred 8 months ago
If there is anything unethical going on, David Walsh would be given about as much access to it as WADA.
ianfra 8 months ago
Do you know Walsh? Have you read his book? Do you know anyone at british Cycling? Even the smallest minion? Bassons said that you knew there was doping in a team when you walked into a room and suddenly people stopped talking. Others said that you know when there's doping because your training numbers are X whilst when racing they become XX. There are so many pointers which make it fairly obvious to me that Sky is approaching this sport in a way that is so different to the traditional model - and that's where their success comes from. So much bull is written by people who do not know anything. Do you think a man who put his head on the block chasing dopers (and is also regarded as a fine investigative journalist) could be fooled so easily over a six month period. Really, before posting libels or making accusations, or even hinting at them, do some research. Please.
mike73nz 8 months ago
Have to agree with this ianfra. If you think about it teams spent lots of money and effort on doping, Sky come along and spend a lot of money and effort on improving every aspect of their performance so that they don't need to dope. Walsh spoke to almost every person in the team and was there in training and races and he couldn't uncover anything suspect. People gave him a hard time when he tried to bring down Lance and now people (some are the same) are giving him grief over backing Team Sky.
Lance, remember Bassons? 8 months ago
Please enough of the illiterate posts god sake was bad than the other first one always. One day we will find out why you write so bad bad and so below others.....cannot wait if "still a live".
cantpedal 8 months ago
pot meet kettle
Lance, remember Bassons? 8 months ago
look up "irony" my friend.
Hill Special 1980 8 months ago
or perhaps cantpedal should learn the difference between irony and sarcasm
gsouthwell 8 months ago
Mr Kennaugh on twitter @Petekennaugh 5h cyclingnews ring you up for an interview and they put the headline about 2 different people, typical ****,