K-Edge debuts new Garmin and SRM mounts at Tour of California

Long-awaited TT bar extension mount unveiled

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AceCo debuted a flurry of new K-Edge computer mounts just before the start of the time trial at the Tour of California. Included in the upcoming crop are a new standard Garmin Edge mount, a new TT-specific Garmin Edge mount, and two TT-specific mounts for SRM’s PowerControl heads – all of which will be available around mid-July.

The new standard K-Edge Garmin mount looks to be a significant improvement over the original one. Gone is the complex three-piece machined aluminum layout in favor of a simpler and sleeker two-piece configuration with bottom-entry bolts, a more rounded shape, and an extension that angles more sharply inward so as to almost disappear when a computer is mounted.

AceCo is keeping the old K-Edge mount's standard quarter-turn interface but instead of machining that from aluminum as well, there will now be a bolt-in injection molded plastic insert that yields both a smoother and lighter feel as well as a 'clickier' lock for improved security. In addition, the modular design will allow AceCo to more quickly develop mounts for other computer brands such as CycleOps and CatEye.

"What we've done is gone with a more of a platform concept," said AceCo principal Joe Savola.

Claimed weight is 32g and suggested retail price will be US$49.99. As before, several anodized colors will be available.

AceCo is also nearing completion of its long-awaited time trial/triathlon-specific K-Edge Garmin mount. Time trial and triathlon setups present unique problems in that there's often not enough space in between the extensions for the standard quarter-turn interface to work. AceCo has cleverly gotten around the issue, however.

Instead of rotating the computer head to lock it into place on a stationary mount, the new TT-specific K-Edge Garmin mount uses rotating tabs – simply place the computer head on the mount, reach underneath the mount, and rotate the cradle. Savola admits that side-mounted buttons can be tough to access given the low and tight confines but in fairness, time trial racers and triathletes aren't likely to be flipping through a bunch of menu pages during an event, anyway.

AceCo's prototype was mostly built using a 3D printer but the production version will use a mix of machined aluminum, Delrin, and injection-molded plastic – all of which will be produced in the United States.

Retail price will be rather expensive at US$59 but Savola says it's an unavoidable consequence of the mount's complexity and domestic manufacturing.

Finally, AceCo unveiled two TT-specific mounts for SRM's range of PowerControl computers. The machined aluminum mounts will be offered to fit both standard 22mm-diameter round and Shimano-standard oval extensions. While SRM's newest mounts include a locking tab, AceCo's K-Edge models stick to the older ball-and-spring setup, although Savola insists it's very secure given the tight precision fit.

Savola said the SRM mounts will “tentatively” retail us $59.99.

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