Italian female MTB rider positive

Elena Gaddoni awaits hearing date

The Italian Olympic Committee has announced that Italian female MTB rider Elena Gaddoni (Scapin Stihl Torrevilla) has returned a positive doping test result. She tested positive for exogenous testosterone, with a T/E ratio above 4.

The sample was taken out of competition, during a training camp of the 30-year-old in Garda on April 24, 2010. Gaddoni won the Prosecchissima race in Miane, Treviso, earlier that month.

The Cross Country specialist was temporarily suspended by the Anti-Doping Tribunal on request of the Anti-Doping Procura that investigates all cases of doping in Italian sport. Gaddoni is likely to be questioned by the Procura and then will have to wait for the setting of the date of her hearing in front of the Tribunal. If found guilty, she faces a two-year ban from competition.

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