inCycle: Vincenzo Nibali goes to the wind tunnel

Checking in with the Velits brothers and talking to Moolman-Pasio about her recovery from a broken hip

In this episode of inCycle, the crew checks in with Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (Cervelo Bigla), the 31-year-old South African, about the difficulty of recovering from a broken hip after she fractured hers in a crash last year the Chronos des Nations in October.

"With a career such as professional cycling, where so much is left to chance, there are so many uncontrollables," she says. 

With the Giro d'Italia starting to come into focus, the team travels next to a wind tunnel session with Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) as the 2016 Giro winner dials in his time trial machine.

"Aerodynamics are not visible, it's something you can't touch," says one of the wind tunnel technicians. "You need something to tell you the complete story. The wind tunnel is the right tool to measure."

But first, the inCycle crews travels to the Czech Republic to catch up with Velits brothers, Peter (retired) and Martin (Quick-Step Floors).

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