Good Friday with Prix de BPA International Stayers

The Good Friday track meeting to be held on March 25 at Herne Hill stadium, London, UK is taking...

The Good Friday track meeting to be held on March 25 at Herne Hill stadium, London, UK is taking shape. One of the highlights of the programme will be the return of motor pacing, the Prix de BPA International Stayers Race, using the Triumph Thunderbirds that are based at the track. The legendary master motor pacer Bruno Walrave will travel to London to head up a field of internationally acclaimed pacers, partnering with British National Stayers Champion Simon Cope (Pacific RT). Other riders include Ronald Schur from Holland and Jan Richter, the German stayers champion.

The motor paced Stayers race pits rider against rider, who use the slipstream of a pacing Triumph Thunderbird to attempt to gain an advantage. Riders will have to work hard to stay on the pace, the track rumbling as they race by at fast speeds. The Pacers are almost as famous as the riders, many of whom play to the crowd and sport dashing mustaches to set them apart.

The following Pacers - Riders have been announced to participate:

Bruno Walrave (Netherlands) - Simon Cope (Great Britain)
Current British National Stayers Champion

Wilfried Kluge (Germany) - Bryan Taylor (Great Britain)
British National Stayers Champion 1991, 1992
British National Derny Champion 2003

Ronald Rol (Netherlands) - Ronald Schur (Netherlands)
1st International Stayers GP Alkmaar Feb 2005
1st Stayersrace Amsterdam Nov 2004
1st International Stayersmeet Amsterdam
Dec 2004

Sam Mooij (Netherlands) - Patrick Kops (Netherlands)
Netherlands National Stayers Champion
1999, 2001, 2002, 2003
Netherlands National Derny Champion 2004

Ronald Adelmayer (Germany) - Jan Richter (Germany)
German National Stayers Champion 2002
2nd German Nat. Stayers Championship 2003
1st Steher Cup Erfurt (Germany) 2004
2nd Steher Deutschland Cup Bielefeld

Manfred Adelmayer (Germany) - Thomas Schmidt (Germany)
1st Stayersrace Leipzig (Germany)
1st Stehermannschaftsrennen Erfurt (Germany)
3rd Stayersrace Leipzig 2002
3rd Stayersrace Bielefeld 2002

Raymond Persijn (Belgium) - Edwin Smeulders (Belgium)
1st Stayers GP Saint-Etienne (France) 2002
1st Stayers GP Hulshout (Belgium) 2003
1st Open Derny race Boom (Belgium) 2001/3

More information can be obtained on the Good Friday website:

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