Gesink tired of the criticism

Team Blanco rider defends his record

Robert Gesink is tired of the criticism that he can't win big races, and that he drops out of the grand tours.

"Just look at the results! I started in eight grand tours and I've finished four times in the top ten. Go through this hotel once again and find a rider who has also done so. You won't find one,  you know ... "

"I'm fucking 27 years old," Gesink (Team Blanco) told "Of course there is something wrong once, but it's not like we have keep a magnifying glass on Robert Gesink.”

He admitted that he has not won a lot, “but I have shown some wonderful things. But that step to win a grand tour is not so easy. And besides that it is very easy to forget that I broke my leg and I lost my dad. Okay, this season the level is a bit disappointing. But I really do not see why I cannot go back to my old level."

"It is not easy for a Dutch rider at the moment," he said, after all of the recent doping revelations. “In the Netherlands we are now all very critical. (....) I have made the choice to do it in a good way and then you get criticised when you don't win 20 races a year."

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