Gerolsteiner and T-Mobile management comments on DNA testing

By Susan Westemeyer As reported in Thursday's news , the International Association of Professional...

By Susan Westemeyer

As reported in Thursday's news, the International Association of Professional Cycling teams (AIGCP) has voted unanimously to require DNA testing of pro cyclists, in order to avoid future problems such as those exposed by Operación Puerto.

"We must have blood samples from the riders, so that if need be, they can be used to clarify matters," Gerolsteiner's Sports Director Christian Henn told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

His boss, team manager Hans-Michael Holczer, confirmed with the agreement of the AIGCP, saying, "We will now include that in all new contracts and work it in to the old ones." He further added, "The legal side is certainly rather problematic," and noted, "I was surprised and very happy over the unanimity. We're doing the right thing."

Riders involved in Operación Puerto may have to give DNA tests in order to sign new contracts. "I can't imagine that Basso will ride for a ProTour team without a DNA test," Henn continued.

T-Mobile Technical Director Luuc Eisenga took note of one of the biggest names involved in Operación Puerto. Remarking on Il Varesino, Eisenga said, "there were some voices that said: Before someone like Basso signs a contract, he will have to give a DNA sample in order to clear up the problem in Spain."

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