Gallery: The Tour de France fans in the Pyrenees

SpongeBob SquareSpants, Brazilian lifeguards and Belgian mannequins

The Tour de France's excursions into the Pyrenees are always sure to draw big crowds. Some fans prefer to watch the race go by from the comfort of their campervans, having arrived several days before the riders, while others prefer to run alongside the riders in a green 'mankini.'

When the Tour visited the mountain range which straddles the French and Spanish borders and includes the Basque regions of both countries, photographer Pete Goding was there to capture the best of the fans on stages 16 to 18.

From SpongeBob SquareSpants to Brazilian lifeguards and Belgian mannequins, Goding captures the excitement and restlessness of the fans who lined the Hautacam Pla d'Adet, Port de Bales and the Tourmalet

Click here to see Pete's photos of the fans who lined the climbs of this year's venture into Pyrenees by the Tour.


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