Exclusive Armstrong wind tunnel video

Lance Armstrong spent time in the wind tunnel in San Diego last week to refine his time trial...

Lance Armstrong spent time in the wind tunnel in San Diego last week to refine his time trial position. Cyclingnews has the video of the session, detailing how Armstrong is trying to find the perfect position on the bike.

Armstrong is not necessarily looking for the position that will make the bike the fastest. "It has to be a perfect mix between position and power. If I am five percent slower due to the position, but have 25 percent more power, than that will be better."

But positioning is still important, and Armstrong received instructions from the crew at the computer, who had a close eye on the drag created. "Slide forward on the saddle," they told Armstrong until he could do no better. "We look at all the details, like how high the body is, how high the torso is, the elbows." But everybody has some physical limitations. "I have sort of this hump in my back. I guess I had a bad pasture my whole life..."

Armstrong described his position as longer and narrower as before. To figure it all out, he is relying on the expertise of Steve Hed, someone he had known for almost his entire racing career. "Steve gave my first disk wheel when I was 15 – 22 years ago!"

Hed and others will still be busy this winter. Armstrong revealed that a new bike is currently being developed. "It will be significantly faster." Armstrong has been known to work closely together with Trek to improve his racing machines.

A possible documentary

Armstrong's comeback has been closely followed by a film crew and the result will likely be seen as a documentary, although the timing is still undecided. "It is evolving," Armstrong said at the press conference. He admitted that the initial 2009 release date may change due to his comeback.

He described the details of the filming project, which had been carefully planned long before the Texan announced his return ton the sport. "The public knew in September, but those guys were filming even before then. They were in Leadville."

The project itself is sort of strange for Armstrong, who said he never watches movies. "I tried not to pay attention. It was too overwhelming, too big."

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