Euro 'cross camp VI diary

The Euro 'Cross Camp is in full swing this week. We are in the heart of the racing schedule in the...

Brian Matter: Living the dream

The Euro 'Cross Camp is in full swing this week. We are in the heart of the racing schedule in the motherland of cyclo-cross. The races have been fast and furious. The spectators have been loud and numerous. The weather has been cold and surprisingly, not muddy. For me the Euro 'Cross Camp has been about living the dream.

As a competitive cyclist you want to race the best in the most spectacular conditions. Everyone knows that Belgian 'cross racing during the holidays is the crème of the crop. So to be here accomplishing my goals on a daily basis is unbelievable.

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Gavin Mannion: Overcoming new challenges

This is my second year racing and living here in Belgium during the heart of the cyclo-cross season. Each year poses a new set of challenges that need to be overcome in order to be successful. This year was no different; I faced my first problem back in the states when I was trying to fly to Brussels.

Due to the large snow storm hitting the east coast, almost all flights were either delayed or cancelled. After sitting in the airport for eighteen hours I embarked on my journey to the heartland of cyclo-cross racing – Izegem, Belgium. When I finally arrived in Brussels airport, I picked up my bag and went in search of my bikes. After searching the entire baggage claim area with no luck I began to fill out the paperwork for lost baggage, luckily I carried the address for the house in my carry-on. At this point I wasn't too disappointed it was late and no bikes meant a few less bags to drag to the car.

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