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Duarte recalls race that gets him a house

Bjorn Haake
September 30, 2008, 0:00 BST,
April 22, 2009, 19:37 BST
Latest Cycling News, September 30, 2008
Fabio Andres Duarte (Colombia)

Fabio Andres Duarte (Colombia)

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The new U23 world champion Fabio Duarte of Colombia had two goals this season, to become U23 world...

The new U23 world champion Fabio Duarte of Colombia had two goals this season, to become U23 world champion and to buy a house. Now one leads to the other, as he received financial aid in Colombia, following his road race win in Italy on Friday.

At a press conference in Bogotá it was announced that Duarte will receive as a prize for his efforts the amount necessary towards buying a house. "I didn't hope for [the win] and now I am very happy. I fulfilled two dreams this year!" Duarte said, according to

He accomplished his first dream last Friday when he won the U23 road race with a late attack. He beat Italian favourite Simone Ponzi and German John Degenkolb with his gutsy move. "I am proud to have raced against a strong guy like Simone Ponzi. To be honest, the last few metres of the race I no longer knew what was going on, I was so focused on ... winning. Then I saw him [Ponzi] get so mad, and rightfully so – after all it was 'his' country."

Duarte remembered that the race started out very fast. Then, after everybody had a feel for the course, the attacks started. "The Italians, the French, the Swiss, everybody," Duarte said. "But the good preparation I did in Colombia with different coaches was very good."

The Colombian added that he was seeking to be in a break right from the start. "In the first break we were eight. Then the climb made the selection. Lap by lap we lost a rider. Finally, I was the only one of those who started in the break who also was there in the end [Ponzi and others had bridged up later - ed.] So I decided to attack on the climb, which was three kilometres in length."

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