Dahle Flesjå returning to racing after having a baby

Norwegian star kicks of racing comeback with a marathon

This weekend, Norway's Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå will return to mountain bike racing after her break from competition due to having a baby. The former cross country World Champion and reigning marathon World Champion will compete at a race named after her, the Gunn-Rita Marathon in Montebelluno, Italy.

"Together with my husband Kenneth, I am planning to compete in the 76km marathon. This is going to be a hard test after my lengthy break," Dahle Flesjå said of her comeback. "But the Gunn-Rita Marathon is a perfect opportunity to get back to racing."

"I don't have any specific expectations regarding this race. Finishing is an obvious goal apart from getting back to competing step by step. The Gunn-Rita Marathon was both an obvious and conscious decision as the comeback event as it is one of Italy's most scenic and popular long-distance races. Besides, for the reigning World marathon champion, returning to racing at a long-distance event is a point of honour."

In March, Dahle Flesjå gave birth to her first child, a son named Bjørnar. She plans to return to the highest level of competition. The eight-time World Champion wants to return to the podium at the World Cup and other top events.

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