CSC gets ready

The CSC team will be presented to the press Sunday, January 23 at 16.00 in the historical Villa...

The CSC team will be presented to the press Sunday, January 23 at 16.00 in the historical Villa Medicea in Prato, Italy. CSC Team manager Bjarne Riis is more than happy with the progress of the preparations for the new season. "A new, exciting season is ahead of us, and at the moment the whole team is working very hard in order for it to be yet another great year for Team CSC," he commented on the team's website,

The team will hold the first of its notoriously demanding training camps in Tuscany shortly, "where the foundation - both physically and mentally - is laid," said Riis. "The previous seasons have shown that our training camps have a huge influence on our achievements as well as our ability to function as a team, so we are extremely serious about them...Last year we had a fantastic spring season, and the riders left the first training camp in excellent shape. I cannot see why this year would be any different. The whole thing is planned in every detail and according to principles based on many years of experience and feedback. I think, we are miles ahead of most teams, when it comes to training, coaching and motivating the riders."

Riis is of the opinion that Team CSC will be even stronger this year than last. "Although our main objective is to go for the big stage races, I think we have the opportunity to make great results throughout the season. We have a very diverse team, which includes experienced riders as well as young talents. We have 11 new riders, and it will of course also be an exciting challenge to get them integrated with our philosophy and the rest of the team. After our survival camp in Denmark in December I am very optimistic about this. It made me very proud to see, how well the group functioned as a team

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