Contador to race Spanish championships

Using the time trial to test his new bike

Alberto Contador has decided to participate in the Spanish national time trial championships on Friday, June 26th in Cantabria, he announced this week. It will be his last race before the upcoming Tour de France, which begins on July 4 in Monaco.

Contador said he wanted to support the race with his participation.  He will use the event as a test for a new prototype Trek which he unveiled in the Dauphiné Libéré.

"This time trial, thanks to its distance, can be a simulation of that of the Tour de France and it will be fine to finish my preparation ... This year I am investing a lot of time in this specialty. As for the result, I am know that I will come up against riders that are more specialists than I am and already know what it takes to win on this course.

"It is probably excessively long for me, but at the end what is necessary is to train in the distances that are not yours. It is the only way of improving."

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