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Contador says 2014 Vuelta is harder than when he won in 2012

José Been
January 12, 12:37,
January 12, 15:17
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, January 13, 2014
Alberto Contador meets some new friends

Alberto Contador meets some new friends

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Spaniard in Gran Canaria for Tinkoff-Saxo training camp

Alberto Contador thinks the 2014 Vuelta a España is even harder than the 2012 edition he won, confirming that he plans to be at the start in Jerez de la Frontera after also targeting the Tour de France in 2014.

"The uphill finishes are longer than in 2012. That encourages me because I am not an explosive climber. In shorter climbs with huge gradients the explosive climbers can take time on me. But it all depends on the legs I have at that moment."

The Vuelta route was revealed on Saturday and includes eight uphill finishes and three time trials, one team time trial and two individual ones.

"I like the route, yes," Contador commented from the Tinkoff-Saxo training camp on the Canary Islands. "It's the same format as previous years with the spectacle the public wants. It's a race for the pure climbers with the uphill finishes and the time bonuses." 

Contador already confirmed in September that the the Vuelta is on his programme for 2014 but he will ride it after he Tour de France which is a main objective for the Spaniard. He likes the route but doesn't know how good his form will be at the start of the Vuelta in Jerez de la Frontera. 

"It's important to remember that it will be the second Grand Tour I will do at 100 per cent that year. I don't know how I'll be at the Vuelta after I did the Tour de France,"  he said.

Contador is training in plain Sportful kit with his teammates in the sun on Gran Canaria. The riders visited the Palmitos Park Delfinarium near their hotel during a rest day on Sunday. The new Tinkoff-Saxo team and the new jersey will be presented on on Tuesday.

"I am having a good time here. My preparation for the new season is much calmer and more organized than it was. I have to keep working hard but I do things the best way possible and hope it will be rewarded this season. I am optimistic person who enjoys what he does so I am encouraged by how things stand at the moment," Contador said.

Robert Palmer 8 months ago
Yeah right.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
"The uphill finishes are longer than in 2012. That encourages me because I am not an explosive climber. In shorter climbs with huge gradients the explosive climbers can take time on me. But it all depends on the legs I have at that moment." - not quite true Alberto... In fact he's one of the more explosive climbers, but it seems like he has just lost what he had back in 2007-11, the ability to keep pushing after attacking.
maxmartin 8 months ago
that ability is transferred to Froom dog
Chris Todgers 8 months ago
froome aint that explosive - he is good at the longer hills with moderate gradients. on the really steep stuff he isnt quite on a par with quintana, rodriguez and, i suspect, horner (if he races again).
rastymick 8 months ago
I think he is referring to those punchy climbers like Purito who can win stages with uphill finishes by attacking in the last kilometer and take additional seconds with the time bonuses... and it is true, Contador was never as explosive as for example Purito and maybe even Moreno.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
Yes, but Purito and Moreno are in a class of their own. As I said he's ONE OF THE MORE explosive climbers. I dunno about Froome. To me he doesn't seem like an explosive rider, he just simply rides away, not with a sharp attack, but simply just by sitting and spinning around as if he was upping the pace
Terrence Martineau 8 months ago
NO... what are you talking about?? ... Rodriguez, Moreno, Valverde, Sanchez, Gilbert etc... I would say Froome is more of a punchy climber than Contador as well... these are punchy climbers... Alberto was able to win by going 4-7km out on a10 to 20km climb... that's not about being punchy.. that's purely sustainable power... if any of those guys was able to stay with Alberto for those last kms.. I would ALWAYS bet that they would beat Contador to the line and likely take a few seconds out of him too... Contador has NEVER been a punchy climber he has used higher sustainable W/kg...
Nicolaj221 8 months ago
It is true what Contador is saying. Valverde and Rodriquez are explosive climbers, because they have the final kick acceleration at the end of a short climb, that is something Contador never had at the same level as those two. Though Contador in top shape, is a better climber on long and steep climbs, than Valverde and Rodriquez.
KKelly 8 months ago
I think Rastymick has this one right ....... Hmm I wonder in FD still has the blood pressure gear I seen so many threads on last year ...... more explosive than a motor bike up the Stevlio .........
srsplato 8 months ago
Who is Contador?
Stalky 8 months ago
I still think he ought to be doing the giro/vuelta double this year, and let Roche focus on the tour
mortailcoil 8 months ago
Cos Dolphin said so.