Contador denies link to Madrid doping suspect

Tour winner says he’s had “no professional relationship” with coach under investigation

Alberto Contador has denied having any kind of professional link with Madrid Cycling Federation president Javier Fernández Alba, who is currently under investigation as part of a doping inquiry.

According to Spanish tabloid magazine Interviú, Fernández Alba has been accused of a crime against sporting law by a court in the northern Spanish province of Asturias. The case stems from a positive test for nandrolone by world veteran cycling champion Francisco José Prieto. Fernández Alba is reported to be under investigation for supplying Prieto with doping products.

Interviú describes Fernández Alba, who works at the SPE “clinical gym” in Majadahonda, north of Madrid, as Contador’s “manager, discoverer and coach”. However, it appears that the pair’s only connection is via the Madrid regional cycling team for which Contador was selected to ride the Spanish national championships. Fernández Alba was part of the management staff on this regional team.

In a statement, Contador’s press officer, Jacinto Vidarte, has said: “Alberto Contador categorically denies the information published in Interviú magazine in which it is stated that the current president of the Madrid’s Cycling Federation was his discoverer and manager, as well as being a client of his at the centre where he is a technical director in the town of Majadahonda.”

The statement added that although Contador and Fernández Alba were both part of Madrid’s VC Portillo cycling club, their periods of involvement did not overlap. It also described Contador’s relationship with Fernández Alba as “virtually nil beyond his participation in the Madrid cycling team of which Fernández Alba was the technical director”.

In the statement, Contador denied that Fernández Alba had ever acted as his manager or coach. “I have never had a professional relationship with this man and do not know where the centre is that he directs,” said Contador.


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