Canberra Cycling Club concerned for injured cyclists

The organiser of the Canberra Tour, the Canberra Cycling Club, has issued a statement following the...

The organiser of the Canberra Tour, the Canberra Cycling Club, has issued a statement following the tragic accident during the weekend's event which left an un-named Sydney rider in a serious condition in hospital after a group of riders tangled and fell into oncoming traffic.

"On behalf of the many cyclists in Canberra, the Canberra Cycling Club expresses its deep sympathy for the riders injured in [the] unfortunate accident at the 24th Canberra Tour," read the statement. "Our thoughts are with the injured riders and their families, and we look forward to their speedy recovery. The Club is providing direct support to those involved and is assisting wherever it can."

The 2007 edition of the race was the largest in its history and the first time such a serious accident had occurred. The rider, whose name has been withheld at the family's request, is believed to still be in intensive care in a Canberra hospital.

"While the Club does not wish to understate the risks of conducting competitive cycling events on our roads, thousands of cyclists do race on our roads across the country each week, and safety planning in close cooperation with both Police and local government has been very effective in minimising these risks."

"As the organiser of the event, the Canberra Cycling Club will be examining its procedures with relevant authorities to ensure that the most appropriate measures are implemented for all future events."

Amongst the possible safety measures being considered is the complete closure of roads to traffic during the event, race spokeswoman Tanya Sard told ABC Radio on Monday.

"Once again, the Canberra Cycling Club sincerely regrets the accident and expresses its concern for the injured cyclists, their families and all those affected by it," concluded the release issued by club president John May.

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