Breschel turned down interest from Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project

Raises questions as to why so many riders left Saxo Bank

Matti Breschel is one of the few big names to have left Team Saxo Bank and who has not signed with the Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project.  The Dane, who will ride for Rabobank next season, said he didn't want to take his chances with a new team.

“I am convinced it will be big, but I didn't want to be a part of it because it takes time to establish yourselves in the sport,” he told the DIF Sporting Life magazine.  “I don't have the patience to lose more races because of problems I can't do anything about.”

He had the opportunity to go to the team.  “We chatted briefly.  I have a good relationship with  Kim Andersen and am good friends with Andy Schleck, so it was natural that they would like me on team.”

Eleven riders left Saxo Bank at the end of this season, with eight of them going to the new Luxembourg team. Breschel said that the team should ask itself questions as to why such a mass exodus took place.

“I feel sorry for Bjarne [Riis], but we must also reverse the situation and ask why they left the team. Is it coincidence that so many are going, or has there been a bad mood?”

“There have been times where you have felt that there were behind the scenes problems with  planning and communication, and I do not think Bjarne has taken care enough of it. And it is obviously also a question of economics.”

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