Bart Dockx reacts

A fuming Bart Dockx (Davitamon-Lotto) told Sporza after the stage, "I'm disappointed. It's never fun...

A fuming Bart Dockx (Davitamon-Lotto) told Sporza after the stage, "I'm disappointed. It's never fun to have this sort of thing happening. It casts a slur on this Tour and on Belgian cycling in general. In the first days, the parcours in Holland were so dangerous. It's almost impossible to have a decent race in Holland nowadays - too many obstacles and speed bumps. Then, today we had a nice parcours and something like this happens.

"The UCI commissaire told us that the peloton went the wrong way and that they wanted us to stop. But right there, in the middle of the climb we were in full effort so we didn't want to stop and went to the top of the climb. All our team directors told us to keep going but then the race jury started threatening they'd take us out of the race. First they said to keep going slowly and then they actually made a police man stop us.

"At that moment, in full effort, you are so disappointed. I wanted to show that and sat down for a while. We did our best after we were told to start again, but after the lactic crept into the legs because of the stop it was impossible, you can't get the right concentration back. The fact the peloton took the wrong road doesn't justify stopping us leaders. I don't think there's one rule that says that you can stop the leaders because of what happened today. It's not our fault that they sent the peloton the wrong way.

"Let's hope nothing more happens and that we can have a nice race the coming three days. But my fear is that this might be the first and last Tour of the Benelux."

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