Amstel broadcast to go on as scheduled

Helicopters allowed to fly despite ash cloud from Icelandic volcano

Fears that the Amstel Gold Race would be impacted by the ash cloud covering Europe as a result of an erupting Icelandic volcano have proven to be unfounded as the race organisation has received special permission to allow helicopters to follow the race.

The race organiser Leo van Vliet appealed to the Dutch transportation minister Camiel Eurlings to allow the helicopters to fly so that the signal from television cameras following the race on the ground could be relayed.

Ash from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull has grounded jets throughout the UK and Europe as bits of debris pose a danger to jet engines. There had been speculation that the helicopters would also be prevented from flying.

Van Vliet received word Saturday afternoon that the helicopters would be allowed, a spokesman from the organisation confirmed to

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