A thank you letter from Sarah Scott

On July 29, Philadelphia bicycle racer Sarah Scott was paralyzed in a racing crash in Altoona,...

On July 29, Philadelphia bicycle racer Sarah Scott was paralyzed in a racing crash in Altoona, Pennsylvania. A website, www.sarah-scott.com, has been established and several fund raisers held -- the most recent on November 5. The following is an open letter from Sarah to the cycling community.

Dear everyone,

It has been about 3 and a half months since my accident and subsequent reentry into this new life of mine. The outpouring of support, both emotionally and financially has kept me grounded and forward moving while struggling to make sense of what has happened to me. I was so grateful and proud to have such a caring group of people rallying to my side. To give you a sense of just how much support there was, every day, several times a day when I was at Moss the nurses would bring in bouquet after bouquet after fruit basket after cards etc etc and never, in any of their experience had they witnessed such a massive effort for a patient. Making Moss history aside, it kept my spirits high and kept me going when I was just starting to really feel emotionally what the rest of my body already knew. I want to reiterate to everyone that I am lucky to be alive and grateful for it, and your support has meant the world to me.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the ride and/or the auction. I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the amount of participation and support that was received. It was great for me to get to see everyone - I only wish I could have had more time with each of you. One of the more difficult aspects of my recovery has been feeling so distant from the life I had prior to July 29th. I miss everyone so much, so each event has been a chance for me to start getting that back by seeing everyone and showing that it's still me, wheelchair and all. And wow, what a turnout and spectacular success each event has been. Thank you all for your hard work in putting this together for me.

These days I'm doing outpatient therapy, working on getting stronger, and always focused on getting back to where I was before the accident. My immediate plans are to transition back to work as soon as I can manage it. Up next is also driving lessons with hand controls - and once that is all set up, I plan on making the rounds and seeing everyone some more.

I miss you all so much! Thank you for everything!!!


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