Sea Otter: New Team Issue accessories collection from Topeak

Higher-end gear intended for more discerning users

Topeak debuted at this year's Sea Otter Classic a new range of higher-end gear intended for more discerning users such as its own Topeak-Ergon pro mountain bike team. More than thirty items are included in the collection, covering a broad range of items from pumps to tools to bags.

Pumps and inflators are perhaps the most interesting segment with items such as the new Mega Morph, which essentially takes the company's unique Morph mini-pump design and scales it up for travel use. The single foot and top-mounted gauge both fold up tightly against the alloy barrel for a more compact profile and even the rubber-coated handle is truncated to better fit inside the included carrying case. There's still a long flexible hose, though, complete with Topeak's locking and self-adjusting SmartHead. Total weight is just 1.1kg (2.42lb), making it a good fit for travel cases.

For carry along use, there's the new RaceRocket MasterBlaster whose fetching single-action design looks to be a close cousin of pumps from Lezyne – hardly a bad thing at least in terms of functionality. Inside the compact 18cm-long (7.1") polished alloy body is an extendable hose and a thread-on head that works with both Presta and Schrader valves. Topeak will offer the RaceRocket MasterBlaster in five anodized colors, too, and total weight is just 85g (2.99oz).

More time-sensitive flat fixes will instead call on the cheekily styled CO2-Bra (say, 'cobra') – and yes, it does in fact look like a venomous snake about to strike. The well-designed head works with threaded 16g cartridges and visually indicates when the cartridge is pierced and ready to use – or if it's empty – while a locking feature prevents unwanted discharge.

In addition, the mounting bracket secures the inflator, an extra cartridge, plus two tire levers (all included) and it all gets wrapped up in a neoprene cover to protect from mud and water.

Tool highlights include the new Mini 9 Pro and Mini 20 Pro, both of which use Topeak's highly compact folding form factor but now with highly polished alloy side plates – in multiple color options – and chromed chromoly bits for durability as well as a more premium appearance.

The lightweight Mini 9 Pro includes 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm Allen wrenches plus a Phillips-head screwdriver and two tire levers (one of which is steel). The Mini 20 Pro adds a T25 Torx bit, a cast chromoly chain tool, a flat head screwdriver, plus a few other handy items.

When it comes for bike washing or repair, Topeak's latest PrepStand Race adopts the popular Euro-style format where the bike is supported by the bottom bracket shell and front or rear dropouts. The sliding axle cradle easily accommodates front or rear quick-release sizes as well as 15mm or 20mm thru-axles and it all folds up into a compact 95.5 x 22cm (38 x 9") size for easy transport.

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