USAC CX Devo blog: Finding peace in Belgium

Andrew Dillman writes about his fifth Christmas away from home

Today I woke up to our annual tradition of the White Elephant gift exchange here at the USAC CX Devo Block 3. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that I have attended the European racing block over Christmas break. It's the fifth Christmas that I have missed with my family, which can never be replaced. And with that super down-er note I’d like to add that there is something a lot nicer about being here this year. I feel a lot more at peace being here this Christmas season. I think this is due to several different things.

One of those reasons being my new team, Cyclocross Network Racing. I’ve had the best support I could ever ask for and have done more UCI races this season than ever before and have actually acquired a decent amount of points in the process. Having dialed equipment and a season of good racing takes a lot of stress off a trip like this. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this rad squad and I just want to thank Matt Baroli and Scott Dedenbach for the awesome year so far. Hopefully we can end it with a bang. There is one change I would make, however, we need purple lightning on these kits!

Another reason for this peace within me is the flow. And by this I mean my hair. I think there is something very powerful about the flow that words can only give a glimpse of. With the flow of hair under my helmet there is a hidden (or not so hidden) power that gives me something the others guys don’t have. Maybe this is all just in my head (well literally it’s on my head), but don’t they say half of racing is mental anyways. I just can’t wait to see what raw Samson-like power I will have in a year from now...

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