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After 11 years trying to post creative race reports, I cannot figure out what to write. Fortunately,...

After 11 years trying to post creative race reports, I cannot figure out what to write. Fortunately, high school trained me perfectly to deal with such challenging circumstances: copy, paste and edit excerpts from any previous assignment, as quickly as possible, regardless of relevance of two assignments. Here goes:

On the beautiful coastal island of [insert race town] Fitchburg, MA , the Ford-Basis team competed in the Fitchburg Stage Race. Inspired by the pristine beauty of the snow capped peaks and free-range wildlife, the team posted top results. Kele opened with fourth in the time trial, Nicole took second in the circuit race, and the team finished second in the criterium behind Tina Pic, with a model leadout by Kele and Kristin.

Days later, at the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, OR, Kristin Danielson blazed to second place on the mountain stage, her first podium finish of the year. Kele earned fourth in the criterium and fifth in the circuit race. One or both of them also finished quite high in the general classification. "I love racing overseas, except sometimes the language barrier makes things difficult," says Kristin Danielson.

Halfway around the country and world, at Super Duper Week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lauren shot to the front of the pack for her best finish of the season, to take fourth in Thursday's stage while Chrissy Ruiter competed at the Giro Italia.

Ford-Basis would like to welcome its new fan club president, Amelia. "Amelia was by far the most experienced of our applicants. In fact, she might be the most capable person associated with the team."

To learn more about Ford-Basis cycling, check out our website: WWW.FORD-BASISCYCLING.COM, or, to join our spam list, email SNERF@AOL.COM the following message, "Go Ford-Basis, Beat T-Mobile."

Recent NRC results:

2nd, Cascade Classic, Road Race
2nd, Longsjo Cycling Classic, criterium
2nd, Longsjo Cycling Classic, road race
4th, Cascade Classic, criterium
4th, Longsjo Cycling Classic, time trial
4th, Superweek, stage
5th, Cascade Classic, circuit

Race Schedule:

7/25-7/31: Altoona, PA - The International
8/6: Raleigh, NC - Bank of America Crit
8/14: Manhattan Beach Criterium
8/21: US Criterium Championships

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