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Unbound Gravel past winners

Colin Strickland left the front of the race around mile 95 in a technical area with steep climbs and deep rock. He rode on own for the next five hours to take the win.

Colin Strickland won the last edition of Unbound Gravel 200 in 2019 (Image credit: Wil Matthews)

Past winners Unbound Gravel 200 - men
YearRider Name
2020Race cancelled
2019Colin Strickland
2018Ted King
2017Mat Stephens
2016Ted King
2015Yuri Hauswald
2014Brian Jensen
2013Dan Hughes
2012Dan Hughes
2011Dan Hughes
2010Corey Godfrey
2009Michael Marchand
2008Cameron Chambers
2007Steve Guetzelman
2006Dan Hughes

Past winners Unbound Gravel 200 - women
2020Race cancelled
2019Amity Rockwell
2018Kaitlin Keough
2017Alison Tetrick
2016Amanda Nauman
2015Amanda Nauman
2014Rebecca Rusch
2013Rebecca Rusch
2012Rebecca Rusch
2011Betsy Shogren
2010Emily Brock
2008Kristen High
2007Leslie Hiemenz

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