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Live coverage

Philadelphia International Championship 2010


Welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of the Philadelphia International and Liberty Classic. The men and women race at the same time today, so we will do our best to bring you the action of both races.

New for the men's race was a sprint at the end of three short parade laps. It was won by David Guttenplan (Mountain Khakis), adding points toward a $5000 prize purse for the Sugarhouse sprint competition.

The men's race saw a first lap attack, Bernard Colex Tepoz (Mex) of Amore e Vita, and Will Routley of Jelly Belly were the first aggressors. They had a small gap heading into the first KOM on Manayunk wall. Colex took the sprint at the top, Routley held on for second and they were joined over the top by Nick Waited (Kenda).

In the women's race, there was also a first lap attack. Rachel Warner (BMW-Bianchi) and Alaina Gurski (CAWES) rolled off the front but were brought back before Manayunk. On the climb, Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & CO 2012), Ruth Corset (Tibco) and Evie Stevens (HTC Columbia) attacked and were joined by Cath Cheatley (Colavita-Baci).

211km remaining from 251km

KOM results for the men: Colex, Routley and Waite. On the women's side it was Corset who took the points at the top over Abbott and Stevens.

So correction to the first lap of the men's race, the three leaders were caught on the fall from the Manayunk wall, and a big group split off of the peloton on the return trip on Kelly Drive. There are about 39 riders in this group and they're heading out to Manayunk for the second time up.

It's a very hot and muggy day here in Philadelphia. The weather forecasters were predicting storms this morning but they haven't materialized yet. There were lots of bags of ice and bottles of water being packed into the team cars at the start. So far it's sunny but there's a stiff wind in the riders faces as they head back to the start/finish. However, it will be a tailwind sprint to the line today.

In the women's race, we are back at the end of the first circuit and there was a split of 8 riders off the front, but a couple of the riders touched wheels and crashed. We'll try to get more information for you on that. We're also working on the composition of that large break in the men's race.

We can tell you that the KOM on Lemon Hill was won by Nick Waite (Kenda) ahead of Colex (Amore e Vita) and Andres Pereyra (Jamis-Sutter Home.

The men have made it up the Manayunk wall for the second time, and once again it's Nick Waite of Kenda who takes the points at the top - this time followed by Matt Cooke (Mtn Khakis) and Dan Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies).

In the women's race, an attack went after the end of the first lap from that break of 8. Moriah MacGregor (Specialized D4W) was the sole survivor while the rest of the riders returned to the field.  She's now at mile 20 heading into Manayunk for the second time, stretched out over her bars in a full on time trial position. She's a good time trialist from Canada, and at 36 has a lot of experience.

We have an attack in the men's race! Mike Friedman (Jelly Belly) has exploded out of this leading group heading back on Kelly Drive heading into Lemon Hill.

Friedman has a 15 second gap over the rest of the break, and there is another chase group behind at 25 seconds. The field is still less than a minute behind and it's a very long day.

The men are heading back through the feed zone area near the famous Art Museum steps shown in the Rocky film.  Friedman is our Rocky of the day - he took the KOM points on Lemon Hill ahead of Colex and Nathan O'neill (Bahati Foundation) before being swallowed up by the leading group.

The women have gone up Manayunk wall for the second time, where Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co) has caught our solo attacker and passed her. Once again, it was Ruth Corset who took the points over Abbott and Stevens. Over the top, a large break of 11 has escaped with Meredith Miller driving the pace. Two riders then attacked that move, with Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia) and Brooke Miller (Tibco) going clear.

191km remaining from 251km

Nathan O'Neill (Bahati Foundation) has now attacked the front of the men's race. This group is far too large to work well together and if it's going to succeed they'll need to start shaking out some of the more interested riders soon. He enjoyed up to a 15 second gap but was reeled back in. There are some 60 riders in this leading group.

It's really breezy for our riders today - the women are fighting for shelter as they head across the small hill at Strawberry Mansion. They're pushed all the way to the right side of the road. They're all back together now.

The men are heading the other way, and a group of about 8 riders has now attacked the leading bunch at mile 38. They've only got a 5 second gap.

The attack has grown to 11 riders in the men's race. They are entering Manayunk, and now the field is approaching the big lead group, 20 seconds behind. It looks like the race could come all back together on the Wall.

In the women's race, Ruth Corset has attacked on KOM 4 at Lemon Hill - going for that Queen of the Mountains crown. She's on fire today and takes the points ahead of Katherine Mattis (Webcor) and Rushlee Buchanan (Colavita Baci).

The men's field actually split up a bit on the way into the wall at Manayunk for the third trip. The lead group is now 12 strong with one rider attacking the climb. The big chase group is 35 seconds back while the peloton is still lurking at 55 seconds. Still plenty of time to come back together.

182km remaining from 251km

Our lone attacker is again, Nathan O'Neill (Bahati Foundation)! He sure is feeling aggressive today. There is a 21 rider strong chase at 20 seconds and now the rest of that large break has gone back to the field, 50 seconds back at mile 43.

The men's peloton is past Strawberry Mansions and heading down Kelly toward Lemon Hill. The field stopped for a mass nature break so the gap to the leading groups has gone out a bit.

In the women's race, they are more than halfway through the race - 32 miles in and we have an attack from Katherine Mattis (Webcor). She pulled out a group of five chasers but the field was having none of it. Mattis is too strong - she won a World Cup in Australia and HTC-Columbia wants this to be a bunch sprint today. Ina Teutenberg, our defending champion, has won this race three times. She's got it dialed in and is ready to make this number 4 today.

The hot, humid weather is definitely affecting how the women are racing. Anne Samplonius of Vera Bradley commented to Kirsten Robbins this morning, "I guess I can't go in my usual early break for 100km because the race isn't long enough! Carla Swart is our dark horse. She is a great sprinter who can get over the climbs and had a great Tour de l'Aude."

We've got the composition of the group chasing Nathan O'Neill now: It's Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo), Chris Barton and Chad Beyer (BMC Racing Team), Bernardo Colex Tepoz (Amore & Vita - Conad), Jason Donald, Cesar Augusto Grajales and Bobby Lea (Bahati Foundation), Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia), James Driscoll and Andres Pereyra (Jamis - Sutter Home), Kiel Reijnen and Will Routley (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda), Alex Candelario and David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Nick Waite (Kenda p/b Gear Grinder), Bruno Langlois (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy), Jonathan Clarke (Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis), Taylor Shelden (US National Team).

O'Neill took the KOM points on Lemon Hill and Colex took more points ahead of Cesar Grajales (Bahati) at the top. They're speeding around the circles toward the line to start lap #4.

173km remaining from 251km

The women are heading up Manayunk Wall for the third time, while behind the men are heading out for their fourth lap. It looks like we won't have the embarrassing situation (and very dangerous!) of the women catching the men this year. Last year it was a hot mess heading down Kelly Drive with both fields and both caravans. This time, the men are racing hard.

There are huge crowds gathering on the wall today, despite the raging heat. The women are taking a more leisurely pace up the climb this time, with Corset having basically sewn up the KOM competition.

171km remaining from 251km

The men are heading out for their fourth lap now, and O'Neill has decided he's had enough glamour time out front. He's sat up and gone back to the chase group, so now we have two big groups, with the peloton lagging behind this leading group by 3:40.

The women's field is being whittled down by a flurry of attacks from Webcor as they head back into the Strawberry Mansions/Lemon Hill climbs. The KOM on Manayunk went to Corset, Abbot and Stevens again.

After all of Webcor's efforts to break this up, Erinne Willock (Webcor) has finally broken the elastic and gone solo.

The men's leading group stayed together up the Wall - facing the roar of huge crowds already lit up with beer at 11am. Huge crazy, raucous crowds lining the road on the climb and descent. It's deafening! 

Correction to the leading group - no Candelario, but Chris Jones (Team Type 1) is there.

In the women's race, Willock is still holding a 35 second lead over the HTC-Columbia and Peanut Butter & Co-led peloton as she heads around Logan Circle toward the start of the final lap. She took the KOM points at Lemon Hill ahead of Corset and Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia).

The men's break is now working better together - now that it's down to less than 20. They're heading through the Strawberry Mansions climb at mile 58.5.

Meanwhile it is crunch time for the women. Willock has 50 seconds and if HTC-Columbia and TIBCO want a sprint they'll have to start chasing hard. The wind has picked up and is blowing a gale - tailwind on the way out but the headwind coming back will be murder on our solo attacker.

Willock is looking strong and smooth in this solo breakaway. She's in the drops hammering past the boat houses on the Schuykill river and beyond. Underneath the stone bridges that tower over the riders and past plenty of fans lining Kelly Drive. She could be a real threat, and if she does stay away it will be the first time since her fellow Canadian Lyne Bessette escaped on Lemon Hill in 2003 that the race would end in a breakaway.

The men are heading in the opposite direction toward Lemon Hill, where the breakaway has slowed down and spread out across the road.

Correction to the wind direction - Willock is fighting the headwind with aplomb heading down through downtown Manayunk, the men going in the opposite direction on the other end of the course are being pushed along by a tailwind.

Willock has 55 seconds - let's see how she holds up through the Wall!

HTC-Columbia has the pedal to the metal on the front of the women's peloton and Willock only has 45 seconds as she heads into the heart of downtown Manayunk, preparing to make the turn to the wall. 

The men's break is back at the start/finish on Logan Circle, with the field at 4:38! At Lemon Hill the points went to Grajales ahead of Colex and O'Neill.

Willock is losing ground heading into the wall, down to just 30 seconds now as she goes up and the peloton speeds through the false flat into town.

The men's leaders are in the feed zone picking up some lunch - they're heading out for lap 5 out of 10 big laps. At the end of 10 big laps they'll have three short laps which only include Lemon Hill.

Willock is fighting to hold on up the climb, but the field is being led by the Peanut Butter & Co. team and are hot on her heels. She's going to be caught before the top after her mammoth effort.

Will it be a sprint? Ina Teutenberg is the favourite for sure, but the PB team has Shelley Evans, who has won several sprints this year and is looking quite good. There's also Brooke Miller of TIBCO to worry about as well as Theresa Cliff-Ryan of Colavita-Baci.

144km remaining from 251km

The men's break is enjoying a healthy lead at the moment, last check over four minutes. The Bahati team and Amore e Vita team are having discussions with their riders over tactics at the moment. Bahati has four riders in here - we missed Nathan O'Neill on the last list. He's there for sure. They are definitely the best represented.

The women have caused a small split in the field on the wall, but it looks like it will all come together for a bunch sprint.

The women pass the men on Kelly Drive, but have no time for greetings. The race for the women is in its closing kilometres and there are a lot of attacks. Peanut Butter & Co launches one while HTC-Columbia works to hold the group together. There is a second peloton at 25 seconds.

The women's leaders are now on the Strawberry Mansions climb, and Ruth Corset - our KOM leader - has launched a move. Anderson of HTC-Columbia is the one who has to chase. She's a loyal worker for Teutenberg. They should be seeing 10km to go soon.

The front group of the women's race has come back together, but the pressure is still on - we're still seeing plenty of activity and HTC-Columbia is still doing a very good job of keeping the race together. But is Cliff-Ryan there? Miller? Evans? We're trying to get some numbers for you....

The men's race is heading up the Manayunk wall to deafening crowds. Our man in the car, Peter Hymas, has to roll up the windows so he doesn't get doused in beer.

1km to go for the KOM on Lemon Hill for the women - the lead group has started to play a bit of cat and mouse - who will go next?

We'll focus on the women now for their finish - just 3km to go - Corset attacked on Lemon Hill but the group came back together on the return to the finish.

2km to go now for the women and it looks like all of the big teams are represented in this split.

The women are heading into the circle and HTC-Columbia has a three-rider lead-out for Teutenberg. We can see some Vera Bradley, Tibco, Peanut Butter & Co and Colavita are all in there.

The finish to this race is tricky - the 1km to go is inside the circle and is followed by a slight turn - so the inside line becomes the outside line. The women are heading into the sprint!

HTC-Columbia executes a picture perfect lead-out and delivers Ina Teutenberg to her 4th title in Philadelphia! Shelley Evans (Peanut Butter & Co.) was second over Cliff-Ryan (Colavita-Baci), Brooke Miller (TIBCO) and Trixi Worrack (Noris).

Teutenberg knows the sprint in Philadelphia better than anyone else. She's done this race at least 6 times and finished on the podium each time. Plus, having a tremendous amount of power doesn't hurt and the confidence that came from her wins in Europe prior to this race also boosted her confidence.

131km remaining from 251km

The men are nearing the halfway point of the race, and we've lost one rider from the break. Chris Barton (BMC) seemed to be going back to his team car for bottles but we haven't seen him return. At last check he was a minute behind the leaders. 

The wind has really picked up for the men and we hope there isn't a storm blowing in. This race hasn't had a rainy day in 26  years and we certainly don't want it to start today.

The lead breakaway is heading back toward the end of lap 5 after Grajales took the Lemon Hill KOM. Andres Pereyra (Jamis - Sutter Home) was second and Colex third.

126km remaining from 251km

The break has headed out for lap 6, hitting the halfway point of the race. As they head down Kelly Drive, the break passes field going in opposite direction. Liquigas riders in field wave at teammate in break.

Chris Barton has been absorbed by the peloton.

The riders might want to consider picking up the pace today. The hot, muggy air is a symptom of "unstable" weather conditions. There is a tornado watch in effect over the entire area until 8pm tonight! Storms are supposed to start coming in early afternoon - hopefully after the riders have finished this race.

118km remaining from 251km

The gap from the break to the field was up near five minutes but it's started to fall steadily. It was 4:25 and now 4:05 at mile 83. The heat is starting to wear on the riders, as is the wind which has become quite gusty.

The leaders are heading up the Manayunk Wall for sixth time and O'Neill has been dropped from the start. Guess he is suffering from that earlier solo move.

Taylor Sheldon is drawing huge chants of "USA! USA!" from the crowds on the wall - he's in the national team kit and the stars and strips has whipped this patriotic crowd into a frenzy.

The break is passing by the Falls Bridge heading back down Kelly Drive. O'Neill is now gone from this group which is 17-strong at the moment. The peloton has closed to 3:35, however.

107km remaining from 251km

The temperature is rising, already 90+F on the race course, and the breakaway riders are calling for bottles from their team cars. Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo) goes back for one, as does David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies). Looks like Bobby Lea (Bahati Foundation) is the designated domestique - he loads his jersey up with bottles to take to his teammates as they head up Lemon Hill.

Oss must have gotten his bottle quickly and felt very refreshed by the cold drink, because he took second on the top of Lemon Hill behind Grajales. Pereyra added to his tally in third. Jason Donald (Bahati) came unhitched on the climb and is in the cars.

We have an attack! It's Will Routley (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda)

101km remaining from 251km

Routley leads the peloton as they head through the finish line and head back out onto the circuit to start their 7th big lap. Jason Donald is hopelessly dropped from the break, while Routely holds a 25 second lead.

97km remaining from 251km

Routley is holding onto his 30-40 second lead, but there is a reaction from the chasing group now and they're bringing him back.  There are some alarming gusts of wind happening from time to time, but so far the skies look like they'll stay free from rain.

Luis Romero Amaran (Jamis - Sutter Home) attacks to try and get up to Routley, but only gets about 10 seconds ahead of the chasing bunch before being pulled back in. Routley still has 30 seconds over the group.

Routley now has 45 seconds on the first chasing group - and he's heading up the Manayunk wall which has been whipped up to a feverish pitch by the race action. The field is lagging well behind at 5:15

You'd think this was the Stanley Cup playoffs and a bench clearing brawl has broken out - the crowd on Manayunk are just insane! Routley is lifted by the cheers over the top, but the noise has the opposite effect on Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia) and Routley's teammate Kiel Reijnen who are both dropped out the back.


Jelly Belly's Mike Friedman told Peter Hymas this morning that if a break is going to go to the line it will be this year.  Only a few teams have full rosters and his team is not here to be pack-fill. They're here to race and have already shown it. He said this is his favorite race and he'd really like to win.

The break was split in half on the wall, we'll see if they are able to regroup. At 16 riders, the break is still pretty big if it wants to stay clear. There isn't full cooperation and even though the peloton is over five minutes behind they still have 100km to cover.

The break is at Strawberry Mansion, and is still split in two: we have Routely, then 7 riders then 8 remaining ahead of the peloton. In the break, BMC only has Chad Beyer. He's likely sitting in waiting to see if it will come back together  - his team has John Murphy and Alexander Kristoff - the rider who took 3rd to Mark Cavendish in the first stage of Tour of California. He's pretty fast and told Cyclingnews he's hoping to survive the wall and be able to sprint.

82km remaining from 251km

Routley is continuing to lead this race, with the first chasing group lagging behind at 45 seconds. The second chase group is losing ground now as they head toward the end of this lap.

The leaders are heading back out for their 8th big lap - they'll have three small laps including the climb of Lemon Hill after they complete their 10th big lap. So that means the fans at Manayunk Wall have only three more opportunities to see the riders before they blast through those short closing circuits.

The second chase has lost over two minutes now to Routley, with that group of seven still trailing at 45 seconds. The peloton is at 4:35, waiting to pounce.

It looks as if the riders today will avoid the severe weather that caused deadly tornadoes in Ohio to the west.  The sun is peaking out through high clouds making it even hotter than it already was.

Routley is continuing to maintain a lead over seven very determined riders who are all working together. He took the KOM points at Lemon Hill over Grajales and Pereyra.

73km remaining from 251km

The heat seems to be getting to Canadian Bruno Langlois - perhaps this type of weather isn't something his body is accustomed to! He's dousing himself with water to stay cool.

Routely is trying to get some water, but his gap isn't big enough to allow his team car forward yet. He's got 50 seconds so we hope the officials will let him get some fluids - he's putting in such a strong effort to hold of these chasers.

Our concerns for Routley are equalled by the Jelly Belly team, and they've managed to convince the judges to let them forward to feed their rider before he hits the Manayunk wall for the 8th time today. They're heading through a very crowded downtown Manayunk to loud cheers. The chasers, still working together, are closing in.

Routley is heading up the wall through a seething mass of humanity bellowing out one great roar. He's out of the saddle and pounding on the pedals to propel himself foward and over the top.

The first chase follows over the top while the second group is absorbed by the field far behind.

The first chase is bombing the descent from the wall - it twists and turns down the city streets, riders nearly catching air over the raised manhole covers and dips and bumps of the crossing streets. It's not a ride for the timid, that's for sure. Chris Jones is fine with it and heads back to the Team Type 1 car to feed.

63km remaining from 251km

Even though this race is one man against seven at the moment, the one man, Will Routley of Jelly Belly, is winning. It's like Rocky in the third round against Apollo Creed in the 15th round... he's opened the gap to a full minute as he heads over Strawberry Mansion.

However, Routley has a much bigger opponent lurking behind the ropes: the peloton which has brought the gap down to 3:20. Well within striking distance with just a little more than 60km to go.

55km remaining from 251km

Routley took more KOM points at the top of Lemon Hill, and from the chase it was Grajales and Pereyra again mopping up the lesser points. The Jelly Belly man is still powering away, through the end of the lap and on his way out for number 9.... number 9.... number 9..... the chasers come through out of the feed zone behind him and see the field coming the other direction. 

Routley is still making up time, but perhaps putting in more effort than he can reasonably sustain for another 55km.

The chase most certainly is ON in the field! The first group behind Routley was at 1:10 as they passed the boat houses along the Schuykill river, while the peloton was at 2:35 and strung out single file as they hurtled down Kelly Drive.

Bruno Langlois (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy) attacked that first chase group in a desperate bid to have some camera time before being brought back. The gap is starting to fall dramatically now as the team cars are called out from the gap between this chase and the field - that means there is less than one minute between the seven-man chase and the main peloton.

Routley is still hammering away, holding onto hope that the peloton will save the chase too late.

50km remaining from 251km

50km to go and Routley still enjoys a 1:20 lead over the chasing group and peloton, which have nearly come together. We hate to break it to Will, but with the teams lined up at the front behind him: Liquigas-Doimo for Francesco Chicchi and HTC-Columbia for Matt Goss - his chances are slim to none. It would take a tornado sweeping him up and bringing him to the yellow brick road to enable him to win this race!

The peloton can see that seven-man chase group as they head down Kelly Drive toward Manayunk for the 9th trip up the wall. Still 1:20 to Routley but the chase of seven only has 30 seconds on the field.

Peloton, meet chase group. Chase group, meet Mr. Peloton. It's a distant greeting on the streets of downtown Manayunk, but the two are bounding toward an intimate embrace momentarily.

46km remaining from 251km

This is the second to last time up Manayunk Wall - the crowds have gone beyond insane and descended into complete madness. There is no sound - only shattered eardrums as the crowds morph into one gigantic being. The field is just 100m behind those seven former chasers.

The leader has crested the wall, Routley still staying clear of the now intact peloton over the top and onto the fall from the wall.

Routley is heading back down Kelly Drive after the descent, in the drops and looking determined. But the field is closing in fast. They've managed to bring the gap to him down to just 25 seconds!

Routley is coming off Strawberry Mansion and is being chased by four riders. The field is actually at 1:20, it was this small chase group that was at 25 seconds. Those chasers include Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo), Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto), Christopher Jones (Team Type 1) and Cesar Grajales (Bahati Foundation).


Routley still has a slim lead over his four chasers and the wind is starting to really whip now. He's finishing the 9th big lap, heading out for one last big one - last time up Manayunk.

Behind the four chasers the doo-doo has hit the fan! There are riders all over the place - a Kelly Benefit Strategies rider is chasing the four, there are two BMC riders struggling to get up there, looks like John Murphy may be one of them. Alex Howes, Eric Schildge (Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joes) and Johnnie Walker (Footon-Servetto) are also making moves.

Routley is pedaling squares as they say - he's losing ground to this strong chase group. The Kelly Benefit rider has made it up to the first chasing group, but there are still several riders chasing to get to that now five-man group.

The wind is blowing strong now, gusts are threatening to blow down barricades and the skies are growing darker. The weatherman is still saying tornadoes are a possibility, but storms are a probability any moment!

Routley has been caught by the chasing four, but now another four-man chase has formed behind them. Our two groups are now: Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo), Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto), Cesar Augusto Grajales (Bahati Foundation), Will Routley (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda) and Christopher Jones (Team Type 1)

Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team), Serhy Grechyn (Amore & Vita - Conad), Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Ryan Roth (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy)

The peloton is not far behind - perhaps 15 seconds behind chase 1.

26km remaining from 251km

Almost 25km to go - it's coming down to the wire here in Philadelphia! The lead group has 1:15 over the peloton while that chase of four has closed to within 10 seconds of the leaders.

The lead group is now intact, all 9 riders together over a minute ahead of the peloton. They've past the Falls Bridge and will be heading into the Manayunk frenzy soon.

The lead group is now in downtown Manayunk and it's as if the tornado has already gotten here: the roar is deafening on Main Street and we haven't even gotten to the wall yet. Gaps are holding steady for the moment, but these 9 will need far more than a minute if they hope to stay clear on the small laps.

Back in the field it appears that UnitedHealthcare has taken control of the pace making. They've got Karl "Ten" Menzies who has the strength of ten men, and also Rory Sutherland who placed well in Tour of California. Not exactly his kind of race, he said, but he'd give it a go. Jake Keough is also a quick one...

The break is on the wall, Oss is leading up the wall as the break is single file. The field is making the turn at the bottom ready to begin the ascent for the final trip up Manayunk wall.

The field is just one minute behind the leaders and it is looking like we've got a bunch sprint in the making here. The fans are getting the last of their ya-ya's out on those cowbells, the hammers might just fall out the way their shaking them. It's pure mayhem on the wall for this last visit from the pro peloton - then once it's done the real partying can commence!

Routley took the sprint at the top - can't believe he had enough energy to do it. He's broken up the front group of nine, only four men chasing within any distance at the moment: Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo), Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto), Serhy Grechyn (Amore & Vita - Conad) and Ryan Roth (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy).

Correction - the four riders are the leaders, Routley is hurting as we can expect and chasing with Caleb Fairly (USA) behind the group of Oss.

Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo), Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto), Serhy Grechyn (Amore & Vita - Conad) and Ryan Roth (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy) are in the lead as they pass Strawberry Mansions, halfway down to the closing small loops. Less than a minute to the peloton - looks like it will come together somewhere on the small laps.

The first chase, Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team), Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Christopher Jones (Team Type 1), are losing ground now as they battle increasinly gusty winds. So far no rain though - let's hope it holds off just a little while longer.


11km remaining from 251km

Just over 10km left to go in this race and the field has yet to come together. Will the heat and the wind combine to let a break stay clear this year? It's a rare situation, but the last time a break stayed away it was sweltering, too.

In 2005, Chris Wherry took the win from a three-man move: let's see what these four can do. They're on Lemon Hill and Oss is sitting on - waiting to bring it back together with Peter Sagan and Francesco Chicchi both contenders for the sprint.

KOM on lap 10 at Lemon HIll: 
Serhy Grechyn (Amore & Vita - Conad)
Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto)
Ryan Roth (Spidertech powered by Planet Energy)

The breakaway is now heading back toward the start/finish just over 1km to go and they'll see three small laps remaining.

The leaders make the big loop around Logan Circle and head toward the finish - the pack is chasing with Jamis and UHC with several guys stringing the bunch out single file.

The Bissell team hits the front with 3 laps to go, Peter Sagan is sitting in 10th wheel behind 2 teammates and this peloton is tiny - just 30 or so guys left in the race.

Oss is now driving the pace up Lemon Hill and takes the top, and is now heading back down to the start. The field is close behind, maybe 35 seconds.

KOM: Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Doimo)
Ermanno Capelli (Footon-Servetto)
Serhy Grechyn (Amore & Vita - Conad)

Two laps to go when the leaders come through this time. They're still working together and it looks like Oss might believe in them staying away or he just wanted to get those points. Liquigas isn't helping the chase.

The field is at just 36 seconds now, being led by Oss, passing the peloton as they come in on the other side of the feed zone.

Liquigas is patrolling the front and Jamis is trying to reassert themselves on the front.

The break is going around Logan Circle, still rotating smoothly but only have about 25 seconds and Liquigas is definitely trying to block any chase. They believe in Oss. It's really windy, and picking up into a wicked headwind finish.

Capelli is now pulling on the front as they go out for 2 laps to go. The field is coming into the finishing straight now.

HTC-Columbia is now contributing to the chase, so the gap is do-able for the lead four but it will be a fight. 20 seconds isn't a lot with this little left.

The leaders are heading past the famous Rocky art museum steps and out on two to go. The field is so small that not so many riders of each team can chase at once. Liquigas is still marking any chase.

Oss is just drilling it up Lemon Hill, breaking up the break a little, crests and takes the points and now he leads on the descent.

The gap has gone out to 30 seconds now - good news for the four leaders. Perhaps having two strong Liquigas men still in the field has deterred any chase - who wants to bring Sagan to the line? Or Chicchi?

7km remaining from 251km

The leaders have passed the start line, heading back around Logan Circle and heading out for the final lap. Still enjoying a solid lead and the peloton is led by HTC-Columbia.

It's do or die now for HTC: they really need to close down this gap but the four men out front have a different idea.

5km remaining from 251km

The four men are beginning to eye each other 5km to go for the leaders! They need to keep working together because 5km is a long way when you have HTC-Columbia on your tail.

Oss is still driving the breakaway, the field just 10 seconds behind! Jamis is on the front for Borrajo.

Menzies isn't the man for United Healthcare. He's been dropped. The gaps are forming in the bunch but the gap to the leaders is also falling quickly.

It's touch and go for the break. The leaders are heading past the feed zone and out for their final lap. They've got one trip up Lemon Hill, a quick descent and that long, torturous run-in to the finish.

The field has them in their sights. They're heading toward the start of Lemon HIll and it's pure agony all around. It will be a bunch sprint? But no! Oss attacks!

Oss leaves his former companions to be caught and opens up 5 seconds - descending down to Kelly Drive.

He is head-down drilling it, no looking back. Two riders are trying to bridge.  Oss attacks again and is closed down.

2km remaining from 251km

Those two riders had joined Oss, but he couldn't hold it. They've come all back together !

Jamis is trying to come up the outside - Agnoli and Caleb Fairly were the riders who tried to get away, but are caught.

On the bottom of Logan Circle, single file. It's Liquigas in front!

On the final straightaway and it's still Liquigas and they're getting swarmed.

It's a tornado of riders in the front!

It's fanned out - and HTC-Columbia hits the front !

And it's Matthew Goss who gets the win over Peter Sagan! Brilliantly timed sprint by the Aussie!

Alexander Kristoff of BMC takes third!

That was a whirlwind of a finish most definitely! The riders hit the line just in time to beat the rain.

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Final results:
1 Matthew Goss (Aus) HTC-Columbia
2 Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Doimo
3 Alexander Kristoff (Nor) BMC Racing Team

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