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Lakata and Rusch win Leadville 100

Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon) raced to a convincing victory at the Leadville 100 ahead of marathon world hampion Christoph Sauser (Specialized) and Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale). Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) made it four wins in a row by finishing ahead of Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon) and Pua Mata (ShoAir Specialized).

The Leadville 100 Trail race is conducted on an out-and-back course totaling 104 miles. It starts in the town of Leadville at 10,200 ft, and travels to the top of Columbine Mountain at 12,640 ft. Total climbing for the day is 12,612 ft. Racers have a 12hr cut-off. Those that complete the race receive a silver western belt buckle. Those that finish in less than nine hours receive a silver and gold belt buckle.

This year's race came close to disaster when the lead group of riders went off course somewhere after the Powerline descent. Apparently the course markings at that point were either wrong or someone had sabotaged the race. Course marshalls also did not direct the leaders onto the proper track and the lack of a lead motorcycle was cited by many of the riders after as contributing to the confusion.

Once the riders realized that they were not on course, they stopped. Bishop said, "We stopped and we stood there for a solid minute while we tried to decide what to do. I said, let's stick together because no matter what, the leaders would be the leaders when we got back on course."

Lakata's bike computer showed that they had ridden an extra ten kilomenters (6.2 miles). Any chance at breaking Levi Leipheimer's course record was lost. A new lead group containing the dangerous Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe's) and Tinker Jaurez (Cannondale) were now off the front by a large margin.

Unfortunately, as the sidetracked riders made their way back to the offical course, the Powerline aid station could be seen across a ranch field. Up to 10 riders reportedly ignored orange tape markings and cut across the private property to get back on course. The final podium finishers were among those that chose to take the long way back.

As often happens in these situations, a non-verbal pact was made between the eight chasers that remained. Sauser said, "We were a really nice group of about eight riders doing turns. It was frustrating though because we also wanted to go for the time record but that was over."

With team time trial precision, the chasers whittled down the lead to 5.5 minutes at the base of the Columbine climb. The Jay Henry group began to come apart, as did the chase group, due to the altitude and difficulty in climbing the 12,640 ft mountain.

When the racers re-emerged at the end of the descent off the mountain, Lakata was seen driving the pace with Bishop and Sauser in tow. Federico Ramirez, who also had gone off course, was a short distance behind them and chasing hard.

Henry somehow lost 22 minutes on the mountain and was no longer a factor when the return trip to Leadville began. Tinker Jaurez, however, seemed well positioned for a good result on the day.

Lakata was the first man up the final Powerline climb, with Sauser only 100 feet behind. Bishop was perhaps only another 100 feet behind Sauser, but at that point he knew his chances for victory were slim.

"I had been fighting some mechanicals (chain suck) and I was yoyo-ing on that group to begin with," said Bishop. "They were flying down dirt roads at 25 miles per hour while I was standing there trying to fix my chain. Those guys are super strong. They're two world champions."

He was, however, pleased with his final result. "Finally a good day here. The competition is higher than ever. Yeah, I am stoked about my ride. It was good," said Bishop at the finishing line.

The final battle between Lakata and Sauser played out on both the Powerline and Sugarloaf climbs. Lakata said after the race, "It was really hard. I had a little gap and I tried to keep it until the end but Christoph came back. I really had to put the hammer down to get to the finish line in front of him. I'm really happy about this victory, especially finishing in front of the world champion."

On the return trip around Turquoise Lake, Lakata opened a 2:45 advantage over Sauser and finished in 6:32:24, averaging 15.1 miles per hour over the 104-mile course. Bishop, knowing that the fight was over, rode in at a more comfortable pace, finishing seven minutes behind Sauser.

While it appears that the first four finishers came from the group that went off course, behind them it was not so clear. It appears that some, including Alex Grant (Cannondale) did not finish as highly as they would have if they had stayed on course. There were discussions with race officials taking place at the finish about the off-course problem, as well as about the fate of riders who crossed the fenced-off ranch on foot to reach the feed zone.


Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon) took the early lead in the women's race but then found herself off-course with some of the men.

She lamented after the race, "I had a really good start and I took the lead straight away. Then we went the wrong way. I went from first place to fourth, and then I lost my motivation for a while." She added that she thought this cost her five minutes.

At the start of the Columbine climb, Pua Mata (Sho-Air) was in first place followed by Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe's), Rebecca Rusch, and Bigham. But as we have seen in the past, Columbine is where Rusch shines brightest.

"Columbine for four years in a row is where I have made my move. I seem to settle in there and get in my groove. The rest of the way home I'm running scared," said Rusch. "I'm in shock. What a great day."

Rusch also broke her own course record by two minutes. This is remarkable since many of the racers including Lakata and Bishop felt that the course was slower this year due to overnight rain.

Mata had been expected to give Rusch a run for her money, but Rusch proved too strong. Mata said, "The bike was perfect but my legs wee a little off today. Those girls were riding strongly. I was hurting out there - you just want to stop but I didn't. I'm happy with this."

Bigham regained her lost motivation and finished in second place, 6:29 behind Rusch. Gretchen Reeves, a former Leadville winner, held on for fourth place, and Jenny Smith (NoTubes) finished fifth.

In one of the most remarkable rides of the day, Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) finished in sixth place despite riding with a cast on her arm due to a broken wrist.

At the finish line, Rusch was overjoyed and in tears. When asked how all this felt, she replied, "I Think I might fall down when I get off my bike. With the level of this field I'm blown away. This is a special day. I respect all of my competitors that were out there."

Overall results (with categories)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alban Lakata (Male Pro)6:32:23
2Christoph Sauser (Male Pro)0:02:27
3Jeremiah Bishop (Male Pro)0:09:36
4Federico Ramirez (Male Pro)0:19:26
5Cesar Grajales (Male Pro)0:23:54
6Alex Hagman (Male Pro)0:24:23
7Robert Mennen (Male Pro)0:25:41
8Russell Stevenson (Male 30-39)0:27:08
9Greg Krause (Male Pro)0:30:58
10Alex Grant (Male Pro)0:32:34
11Scott Tietzel (Male Pro)0:32:49
12Gerry Cody (Male Pro)0:34:38
13Bryan Dillon (Male Pro)0:38:51
14Tinker Juarez (Male Pro)0:39:07
15Stig Somme (Male Pro)0:39:56
16Moises Hernandez (Male Pro)0:40:39
17Yuki Ikeda (Male Pro)0:42:53
18Lars Ragnar Manengen (Male 30-39)0:43:21
19Leroy Popowski (Male 30-39)0:47:04
20Colby Pearce (Male Pro)0:48:24
21Brian Laiho (Male 30-39)0:49:03
22Nate Whitman (Male Pro)0:49:24
23Tim Deboom (Male 40-49)0:49:43
24Cameron Brenneman (Male 30-39)0:51:38
25Vincent Lombardi (Male Pro)0:53:12
26Justin Lindine (Male Pro)0:53:42
27Will White (Male Pro)0:54:48
28Bryson Perry (Male Pro)0:55:25
29Rebecca Rusch (Female Pro)0:55:43
30Rom Kanga Akerson (Male Pro)0:55:52
31Ryan Geiger (Male 0-19)0:55:15
32Gordo Byrn (Male 40-49)0:56:56
33Garth Prosser (Male Pro)0:58:42
34Peter Smith (Male 30-39)1:01:10
35Karl Egloff (Male Pro)1:01:26
36Sally Bigham (Female Pro)1:02:10
37Trapper Steinle (Male Pro)1:02:11
38Casey Zaugg (Male 20-29)1:02:28
39Brian Toone (Male 30-39)1:02:58
40Dereck Treadwell (Male 30-39)1:03:30
41Jamie Mcjunkin (Male 30-39)1:04:20
42Pua Mata (Female Pro)1:05:40
43Ethan Passant (Male Pro)1:06:02
44Paul Thomas (Male 40-49)1:06:48
45Jt Cody (Male Pro)1:08:09
46Michael Staffieri (Male 30-39)1:09:16
47Kevin Willson (Male 50-59)1:11:23
48Zach Guy (Male Pro)1:11:07
49Lewis Elliot (Male 30-39)1:11:27
50Kevin Ishaug (Male 40-49)1:12:25
51Ben Bostrom (Male Pro)1:12:26
52Nick Gould (Male Pro)1:13:08
53John Phillips (Male Pro)1:13:44
54Gretchen Reeves (Female Pro)1:14:05
55John Mallow (Male 30-39)1:15:08
56Nick Frey (Male 20-29)1:16:02
57Kimo Seymour (Male 40-49)1:16:13
58Dennis Barrett (Male 40-49)1:17:45
59John Saliamonas (Male 40-49)1:17:24
60Nicholas Kempin (Male Pro)1:18:17
61Eric Bostrom (Male 30-39)1:18:33
62Tommy Robles (Male 40-49)1:19:26
63Mitch Trux (Male 30-39)1:20:07
64Al Thresher (Male 40-49)1:21:01
65Jennifer Smith (Female Pro)1:23:36
66Mike Simpson (Male 40-49)1:24:05
67Rob Mcgee (Male 40-49)1:25:50
68Chris Munro (Male Pro)1:25:52
69David Ochs (Male Pro)1:25:44
70Bryce Phinney (Male 30-39)1:25:52
71Ryan Petry (Male 20-29)1:25:04
72Eric Kollai (Male 30-39)1:26:34
73Michael Danish (Male 30-39)1:26:04
74Ben Senkerik (Male 0-19)1:26:57
75Aaron Pool (Male 20-29)1:28:50
76Travis Wilkerson (Male 30-39)1:29:06
77Trent Ford (Male 30-39)1:29:27
78Robbie Robinette (Male Pro)1:31:45
79Cannon Shockley (Male 30-39)1:33:40
80Chris Case (Male 30-39)1:33:19
81Craig Peacock (Male 50-59)1:32:37
82Henry Fischer (Male 40-49)1:34:23
83Steve Pasche (Male 30-39)1:34:39
84Mario Araya (Male Pro)1:34:56
85Miles Venzara (Male Pro)1:35:09
86Eric Salstrand (Male Pro)1:35:25
87Scott Salstrand (Male 30-39)1:35:17
88James Selman (Male 40-49)1:36:40
89Ty Hall (Male 40-49)1:38:23
90Chris Klug (Male 40-49)1:38:41
91Josh Allen (Male 20-29)1:39:12
92Garey Gomez (Male 30-39)1:37:52
93Benjamin Coleman (Male 20-29)1:39:45
94Jeff Sumsion (Male 50-59)1:40:09
95Drew Geer (Male 50-59)1:40:23
96Mike Pimm (Male 30-39)1:40:30
97Jason Siegle (Male Pro)1:40:31
98Aaron Campbell (Male 30-39)1:39:20
99Shawn Harshman (Male Pro)1:40:47
100Jason Hilgers (Male 30-39)1:41:26
101Kel Boers (Male 40-49)1:40:28
102Creighton Lowe (Male 30-39)1:41:20
103Troy Howard (Male 30-39)1:43:44
104Shawn Daurelio (Male 30-39)1:43:41
105Terry Wheeler (Male 40-49)1:43:53
106Patrick Nagler (Male 30-39)1:43:40
107David Haase (Male 40-49)1:44:16
108Tom Goth (Male 20-29)1:44:19
109Sonya Looney (Female Pro)1:44:29
110Brian Tallmadge (Male 40-49)1:44:21
111Cristian Velasquez (Male 30-39)1:44:36
112Russell Griffin (Male 30-39)1:45:59
113Steve Marolt (Male 40-49)1:46:17
114Kent Mcneill (Male Pro)1:46:37
115Kristoffer Nielsen (Male Pro)1:46:39
116Rob Kosick (Male 30-39)1:46:43
117Alfredo Peralta (Male 30-39)1:45:07
118Fernando J. Salazar (Male 40-49)1:46:58
119Ryan Sutter (Male 30-39)1:47:01
120Brian Lariviere (Male Pro)1:47:18
121Brian Sells (Male 40-49)1:47:25
122Alan Hall (Male 40-49)1:47:31
123Zach Bodhane (Male 20-29)1:47:49
124Alec Petro (Male 40-49)1:48:26
125Peter Piccolo (Male 40-49)1:48:36
126Andrio Abero (Male 30-39)1:48:50
127Jason Haney (Male 20-29)1:49:28
128Brian Wiens (Male 50-59)1:49:38
129Jonathan Toner (Male 30-39)1:50:17
130Taff Dirks (Male 20-29)1:50:23
131Taylor Williams (Male 30-39)1:52:12
132Josh Schmidt (Male 30-39)1:52:43
133Andy Leifer (Male 50-59)1:53:24
134James Kahkoska (Male 50-59)1:53:56
135Ryan Pace (Male 30-39)1:54:05
136Mark Wallace (Male 50-59)1:54:05
137Tracy Martin (Male 40-49)1:54:30
138Roger Stones (Male 40-49)1:54:44
139Wooch Graff (Male 30-39)1:55:53
140Greg Holick (Male 30-39)1:55:59
141Chris Borton (Male 30-39)1:56:07
142Greg Penner (Male 40-49)1:56:19
143Jason Linder (Male 30-39)1:57:02
144Brian Gavette (Male 40-49)1:57:00
145Jeffrey Simms (Male 30-39)1:57:33
146Todd Murray (Male 40-49)1:58:13
147Dylan Luyten (Male 40-49)1:57:08
148Chris Wieczorek (Male 30-39)1:58:42
149Christian Guzman (Male 0-19)1:58:12
150Jon Mcgee (Male 30-39)1:59:39
151Ben Everton (Male 30-39)1:59:54
152Sam Beveridge (Male 30-39)2:00:17
153Tim Snow (Male 30-39)2:00:03
154Ina Teutenberg (Female Pro)2:00:21
155Craig Mordock (Male 40-49)2:00:37
156Ian Metcalf (Male 30-39)2:00:55
157P.j. Rabice (Male 30-39)2:01:13
158Ethan Millstein (Male 20-29)2:01:30
159Will Lewis (Male 20-29)2:01:46
160David Yacobelli (Male 40-49)2:01:44
161James Lowe (Male 40-49)2:01:38
162Benjamin Stone (Male 30-39)2:02:10
163Charlie Nowacki (Male 30-39)2:02:22
164Nathan Heaps (Male 40-49)2:02:38
165Todd Brown (Male 50-59)2:02:54
166Clayton Chase (Male 30-39)2:03:10
167Timothy Harmon (Male 50-59)2:03:40
168Dan Henderson (Male 40-49)2:03:41
169Tim Marshall (Male 30-39)2:04:00
170Drew Holbrook (Male 50-59)2:03:57
171Adam Edmunds (Male 30-39)2:04:20
172Philip Mooney (Male Pro)2:04:51
173Mark Smith (Male 50-59)2:05:03
174John Heiss (Male 30-39)2:05:04
175Tammy Sadle (Female Pro)2:05:17
176Joseph Berg (Male 30-39)2:05:17
177Gary Hanson (Male 40-49)2:05:41
178John Mosher (Male 50-59)2:05:32
179Mike Kallner (Male 40-49)2:06:06
180Luis Chaverri Madelen (Male 30-39)2:04:22
181Dave Green (Male 40-49)2:06:18
182Kevin Limpach (Male 40-49)2:06:21
183Matt Connors (Male Pro)2:07:31
184Christopher Bellona (Male 30-39)2:07:30
185Tim Waggoner (Male 40-49)2:07:39
186Henrik Jappe (Male 50-59)2:06:25
187Ricardo Creel (Male 20-29)2:06:17
188Steve Peterson (Male 40-49)2:07:51
189John Chambers (Male 40-49)2:06:43
190Jeffrey Gardner (Male 40-49)2:08:07
191Paul Dalton (Male 40-49)2:08:21
192Wayne Roth (Male 40-49)2:08:06
193Peter Thomsen (Male 40-49)2:08:26
194Fred Harle (Male 30-39)2:08:33
195Willem Vanderwerff (Male 30-39)2:08:33
196Stewart Gross (Male Pro)2:08:51
197Kent Carlson (Male 40-49)2:08:50
198David Johnson (Male 40-49)2:09:04
199Adam Stepanovic (Male 20-29)2:09:24
200Mike Sutter (Male 40-49)2:09:51
201Steve Bursey (Male 30-39)2:09:42
202Ryan Fitzgerald (Male 30-39)2:09:42
203Jim Forni (Male 40-49)2:09:50
204Randy Work (Male 40-49)2:09:10
205Applegate Applegate (Tandem)2:11:06
206Phil Schweizer (Male 50-59)2:10:38
207William Hausdoerffer (Male 40-49)2:11:21
208Robert Rodgers (Male 50-59)2:12:20
209Kristofer Ochs (Male 20-29)2:12:29
210Jay Prentiss (Male 40-49)2:12:52
211Lindquist Eriksen (Tandem)2:13:05
212Jay Heim (Male 40-49)2:13:23
213Tiziano Gortan (Male 40-49)2:13:30
214Giles Goodwin (Male 30-39)2:13:43
215Richard Brown (Male 40-49)2:13:23
216Sean Hassinger (Male 40-49)2:14:01
217Jeff Hall (Male 40-49)2:14:07
218Nicholas Bartel (Male 20-29)2:12:02
219Carlos Lopez (Male 20-29)2:14:10
220Donnacha Cassidy (Male 20-29)2:14:30
221Jeffrey Spencer (Male 30-39)2:14:41
222Clark Johnson (Male 40-49)2:14:43
223Paul Majors (Male 40-49)2:14:49
224Graham Cooper (Male 40-49)2:14:17
225Ari Melmed (Male 40-49)2:15:27
226Gregory Albrecht (Male 40-49)2:15:29
227Michael Williams (Male 50-59)2:15:13
228Randy Wilcox (Male 50-59)2:15:33
229Mick Mcdill (Male 40-49)2:15:44
230Mark Cowan (Male 50-59)2:15:54
231David Hall (Male Pro)2:16:30
232Colin Stuffmann (Male 30-39)2:15:59
233Wayne Morris (Male 40-49)2:16:20
234Ryan Ness (Male 30-39)2:15:06
235Mathew Hayne (Male 20-29)2:16:07
236Richard Machycek (Male 40-49)2:17:10
237Elden Nelson (Male Singlespeed)2:17:25
238Blake Bockius (Male 50-59)2:17:33
239Peter Abdinoor (Male 40-49)2:17:37
240Steve Mee (Male 40-49)2:17:41
241Henrik Forsling (Male 30-39)2:17:32
242Aaron Vanderwaal (Male 30-39)2:17:42
243Bill Herwig (Male 50-59)2:18:02
244Derek Nye (Male 40-49)2:16:19
245Gary Colliander (Male 30-39)2:18:40
246Jared Fisher (Male Singlespeed)2:19:05
247Matthew Anderson (Male 30-39)2:18:46
248Jim Salazar (Male 40-49)2:17:58
249Bob Chynoweth (Male 50-59)2:18:15
250Robert Howells (Male 40-49)2:18:57
251Jon Pettit (Male 30-39)2:19:07
252Bill Glore (Male 50-59)2:19:12
253John Fulton (Male 30-39)2:19:19
254Brian O'connor (Male 30-39)2:19:15
255Jarrett Deerwester (Male 40-49)2:19:15
256Daniel Soderlind (Male 20-29)2:20:02
257Charlie Beadles (Male 50-59)2:20:09
258Michael Zimski (Male 30-39)2:20:11
259Matt Hubach (Male 30-39)2:21:48
260Ivan O Gorman (Male 30-39)2:21:21
261Chad Mcglamery (Male 30-39)2:22:03
262Billy Masterson (Male 30-39)2:22:15
263Chris Adams (Male 30-39)2:21:14
264Peter Emery (Male 30-39)2:22:25
265Molly Behunin (Female 40-49)2:23:02
266Michael Lamond (Male 30-39)2:22:49
267Paul Rapinz (Male 40-49)2:23:47
268Chris Waugh (Male 30-39)2:23:50
269Phil Sirianni (Male 50-59)2:23:50
270Brian Vaughan (Male 40-49)2:24:12
271Jake Winebaum (Male 50-59)2:24:01
272Dallas Fowler (Male Pro)2:24:37
273Brian Perkins (Male 40-49)2:24:45
274Alan Bub (Male 40-49)2:23:52
275Lowell Petersen (Male Pro)2:24:38
276Geoff Chalmers (Male 40-49)2:24:58
277James Helbig (Male 40-49)2:24:50
278Marc Ostryniec (Male 30-39)2:25:29
279Dan Distefano (Male 40-49)2:25:41
280Marshall Bell (Male 20-29)2:26:03
281Greg Gleason (Male 40-49)2:27:39
282Troy D. Waller (Male 40-49)2:27:28
283Erich van Stralen (Male 40-49)2:27:46
284Alexander Prax (Male 30-39)2:26:11
285Shawn Gregory (Male Singlespeed)2:28:51
286Peter Traylor (Male 30-39)2:27:39
287Jon Gibans (Male 50-59)2:28:56
288Randy Guymer (Male 50-59)2:29:02
289Alex Koss (Male 50-59)2:29:00
290Trent Hovenga (Male 50-59)2:29:11
291Jonathan Pulley (Male 40-49)2:27:41
292Ted Zuhlsdorf (Male 40-49)2:29:16
293Dan Rieland (Male 40-49)2:29:19
294Weston Hutchinson (Male Singlespeed)2:28:16
295Keith Omundson (Male Singlespeed)2:29:45
296Ben Swenka (Male 30-39)2:29:56
297Robert Discher (Male 30-39)2:30:16
298David Mandley (Male 30-39)2:30:26
299Dave Hinchman (Male 40-49)2:29:21
300Jeff Block (Male 20-29)2:31:11
301Todd Borth (Male 40-49)2:31:39
302Nicholas Howell (Male 40-49)2:31:30
303Shannon Orr (Male Singlespeed)2:31:38
304Phil Martin (Male 40-49)2:32:40
305Tom Rosencrantz (Male 40-49)2:32:35
306Dean Shreiner (Male 40-49)2:32:43
307Nathan Bradley (Male 30-39)2:31:28
308Rob Burgard (Male 50-59)2:32:53
309Esteban Chiriboga (Male 40-49)2:33:22
310Todd Neugent (Male 40-49)2:33:44
311Joe Kraxner (Male 30-39)2:33:57
312Josh Griffin (Male 30-39)2:33:50
313Craig Zediker (Male Singlespeed)2:34:07
314Bryan Bitter (Male 30-39)2:32:38
315Vincent Burke (Male 30-39)2:33:12
316Jesus Galindez (Male 30-39)2:34:52
317Mike Lewis (Male 40-49)2:34:58
318Guy Mcdermott (Male 40-49)2:35:14
319Bruce Gustafson (Male 40-49)2:34:51
320Spec. Juan Carlos Hernandez (Male 20-29)2:34:50
321Derek Landry (Male 40-49)2:35:46
322Scott Rake (Male 40-49)2:35:44
323Jane Rynbrandt (Female Pro)2:36:10
324Katie Donovan (Female Pro)2:36:11
325Jeffrey Lewis (Male 30-39)2:36:33
326Alvaro Lang (Male 40-49)2:35:16
327Chuck Bruni (Male 50-59)2:37:02
328Daniel Smilsktein (Male 60-69)2:37:20
329Stan Mortensen (Male 40-49)2:38:00
330David Dodson (Male 40-49)2:38:42
331Christy Lindh (Female 30-39)2:38:24
332Morris Denton (Male 50-59)2:38:56
333Daniel Prutz (Male 30-39)2:39:00
334Jack Kline (Male 60-69)2:39:29
335Christopher Mcclurg (Male 40-49)2:39:39
336Dave Phillips (Male 40-49)2:39:00
337Luis Acosta (Male 30-39)2:37:44
338Ted Herget (Male 30-39)2:40:11
339Tom Freeman (Male 40-49)2:40:16
340David Chomowicz (Male 50-59)2:40:17
341Wade Gasperson (Male 30-39)2:40:56
342Michael Hillenbrand (Male 40-49)2:40:21
343Jay Bachman (Male 30-39)2:40:10
344Kenny Jones (Male Singlespeed)2:41:30
345John Bliss (Male 50-59)2:41:27
346Kyle Heron (Male 50-59)2:41:44
347Kurt Backofen (Male 40-49)2:41:48
348Deede Pace (Female 30-39)2:41:59
349Tim Mckeon (Male 40-49)2:42:34
350John Kasunic (Male 50-59)2:42:53
351Jason Francis (Male 30-39)2:43:02
352Noah Samuels (Male 40-49)2:41:41
353Todd Maus (Male 40-49)2:43:45
354Gregory Casals (Male 40-49)2:44:03
355Susan Lynch (Female 50-59)2:43:53
356Mark Landeck (Male 50-59)2:44:43
357Daniel Vu (Male 20-29)2:43:57
358Alex Smith (Male 30-39)2:42:47
359Louis Ferracane (Male 40-49)2:43:31
360Zeppelin Tittensor (Male 30-39)2:42:56
361Robert Atwell (Male 40-49)2:45:46
362James Campbell (Male 40-49)2:45:47
363Alex Robinette (Female Pro)2:46:02
364Richard Garmany (Male 30-39)2:44:14
365Chad Cragle (Male 20-29)2:45:11
366Doug Turnbull (Female 30-39)2:46:47
367Jeremy Wolf (Male 30-39)2:46:49
368Ben Hobgood (Male 30-39)2:44:58
369Michael Carpenter (Male 30-39)2:46:17
370Jason Kozicki (Male 30-39)2:45:58
371Joe Hamner (Male 40-49)2:47:47
372Karen Hogan (Female 40-49)2:47:56
373Scott Penrod (Male 40-49)2:48:16
374Nat Rockett (Male 40-49)2:48:15
375Blake Testa (Male 30-39)2:47:42
376Kelly Gillespie (Male 40-49)2:47:41
377Brent van Eps (Male Singlespeed)2:48:55
378Greg Poulter (Male 30-39)2:49:17
379Norman P Huddle (Male 50-59)2:49:11
380James Milne (Male 40-49)2:49:43
381Laura O'meara (Female 30-39)2:50:19
382Sean Donovan (Male Singlespeed)2:50:31
383Travis Justilian (Male 30-39)2:49:08
384Chad Jarrett (Male 40-49)2:48:54
385Robert Coreale (Male 50-59)2:51:25
386Jared Nelson (Male 30-39)2:50:56
387Lee Johnson (Male 50-59)2:51:52
388Chris Adeletti (Male 40-49)2:50:51
389Jeff Doerr (Male 50-59)2:52:48
390Stuart Mann (Male 50-59)2:53:06
391Katie Ellis (Female 20-29)2:53:08
392Matt Ford (Male 40-49)2:52:34
393David Cox (Male 40-49)2:54:22
394Tom Perry (Male 50-59)2:54:22
395Willie Stewart (Male 50-59)2:54:50
396Brian Kinnare (Male 40-49)2:55:00
397Alexis Cuello (Male 30-39)2:53:59
398Shayne Garvey (Male 30-39)2:54:54
399Henrique Cardinali (Male 30-39)2:54:12
400Stephen Jarrett (Male 40-49)2:53:39
401Mike Mchargue (Male 50-59)2:55:48
402Lisa Nelson (Female 40-49)2:55:43
403Ben Pagano (Male 30-39)2:56:07
404David Flaten (Male 20-29)2:55:07
405Freddy Viera (Male 20-29)2:55:10
406Mike Riederer (Male 40-49)2:56:39
407Gary Zellner (Male 40-49)2:55:28
408Jason Pratt (Male 30-39)2:55:29
409Federico Amador Leon (Male 40-49)2:56:46
410Beau Jacobs (Male 30-39)2:59:45
411Lee Mebel (Male 30-39)2:59:45
412Chris Patton (Male 40-49)2:59:30
413Jesse Quagliaroli (Male 20-29)2:59:35
414Deboer Quist (Tandem)2:58:55
415Jason Thomas (Male 30-39)2:58:47
416David Zimmermann (Male 20-29)2:58:48
417Garry Morgan (Male 40-49)3:00:37
418Larry Dewitt (Male 50-59)3:01:04
419Gavin Macgregor (Male 40-49)3:01:12
420Jon Alby (Male 40-49)3:01:16
421Robert Brudenell (Male 40-49)3:01:12
422Bijan Fathy (Male 30-39)3:01:34
423Tylor Brackett (Male Singlespeed)3:00:12
424Aaron Mccready (Male 20-29)3:01:00
425Stephen Lebovitz (Male 50-59)3:02:58
426Chadd Ziegler (Male 40-49)3:02:32
427Robert "max" Hagan (Male 50-59)3:03:25
428Michael Veith (Male 30-39)3:02:28
429Mike Conway (Male 40-49)3:02:44
430Jane Meneely (Female 40-49)3:04:30
431Beth Utley (Female 30-39)3:04:47
432Landon Longenecker (Male 20-29)3:04:40
433Kent Killian (Male 40-49)3:05:14
434Justin Berndt (Male 30-39)3:04:20
435Charlie Gilmore (Male 40-49)3:03:02
436Tomas Delgado (Male 30-39)3:04:21
437Scott Chenue (Male 40-49)3:04:06
438Philip Park (Male 50-59)3:05:36
439Mark Weir (Male 40-49)3:06:09
440Joe Stiller (Male 40-49)3:06:44
441Scott George (Male Singlespeed)3:04:49
442Charles Black (Male 40-49)3:05:48
443Lt Col. Marc Hoffmeister (Male 40-49)3:06:33
444Ric Damm (Male 40-49)3:05:50
445Alexis Guzman (Male 40-49)3:06:41
446Kevin Hall (Male 50-59)3:07:22
447Cameron Gallegos (Male 20-29)3:06:25
448Roy Rojas (Male 30-39)3:05:53
449Michael Blades (Male 40-49)3:07:00
450Mark Stallone (Male 40-49)3:06:26
451Peter Bauer (Male 30-39)3:06:15
452Marc Gillotti (Male 40-49)3:07:50
453Mike Conroy (Male 20-29)3:06:00
454Mark Barrett (Male 40-49)3:08:10
455Angelo Brunacini (Male 40-49)3:06:22
456Bill Dietrich (Male 40-49)3:08:19
457Link (Male 40-49)3:08:55
458Paul Foley (Male 40-49)3:09:08
459Rebecca Wellons (Female 30-39)3:09:02
460Mike Romanovitch (Male 40-49)3:09:05
461Jesse Combs (Male 30-39)3:09:18
462Michael Iddings (Male 40-49)3:09:27
463Al Iverson (Male 50-59)3:09:27
464Jeff Botelho (Male 50-59)3:09:35
465Zach Brown (Male 30-39)3:08:43
466Doug Mcghee (Male 40-49)3:09:52
467Jeremy Winfield (Male 40-49)3:09:26
468Greg Jones (Male 40-49)3:08:14
469Alain Azizi (Male 40-49)3:08:35
470Frank Schad (Male 30-39)3:10:07
471Carla Hammer (Female 40-49)3:09:55
472Marty Golembiewski (Male 30-39)3:07:54
473Bobby Smith (Male 40-49)3:10:48
474Ryan Wayne (Male 30-39)3:11:10
475Steve Vanderburgh (Male 50-59)3:09:53
476Kendal Young (Male Pro)3:12:14
477John Bodhane (Male 50-59)3:12:08
478Gregory Cimmino (Male 50-59)3:12:21
479Mary Dannelley (Female 40-49)3:12:24
480Jason Herzog (Male 40-49)3:11:45
481Matt Smith (Male 30-39)3:11:31
482Matt West (Male 40-49)3:11:49
483Dan Mcgehee (Male 50-59)3:13:12
484Clinton Sparks (Male 30-39)3:12:53
485Alan Arstikaitis (Male 40-49)3:13:08
486Jim Rutberg (Male 30-39)3:13:42
487David Grant (Male 30-39)3:12:31
488Mark Donakowski (Male 40-49)3:12:47
489Tina Kempin (Female Pro)3:13:53
490Daniel Sullivan (Male 30-39)3:13:31
491Mike Gettinger (Male 50-59)3:14:17
492Hubert Otlik (Male 30-39)3:14:18
493Michael Mcgowan (Male 40-49)3:13:26
494Ken Koch (Male 40-49)3:14:24
495Kelly Ness (Male 30-39)3:13:59
496Robert Hamilton (Male 50-59)3:14:05
497Kevin Mehrens (Male 30-39)3:13:16
498Nathan Lafferty (Male 30-39)3:13:34
499Stacey Sell (Male 40-49)3:13:54
500Rob Ricard (Male 30-39)3:15:04
501Lauren Mulwitz (Female 30-39)3:15:09
502Dennis Kaiser (Male 60-69)3:15:12
503Ken Zylstra (Male 50-59)3:15:07
504Tim Lucking (Male 30-39)3:15:34
505Kyle Rhodes (Male 0-19)3:14:24
506Jeff Rhodes (Male 50-59)3:14:24
507Doug Killeen (Male 40-49)3:15:59
508Kevin Abel (Male Singlespeed)3:16:00
509Kevin Maldonado (Male 40-49)3:16:18
510Tim Gormley (Male 30-39)3:16:41
511Gigi Stahi (Male 40-49)3:17:05
512Daniel Delph (Male 30-39)3:16:17
513Dave Zirkle (Male 40-49)3:17:05
514Chris Peterson (Male 40-49)3:17:25
515Todd Geer (Male 40-49)3:17:45
516Ron Vandersluis (Male 40-49)3:17:25
517Andrew Green (Male 40-49)3:17:40
518Shane Brady (Male 20-29)3:18:18
519Esteban Lipsher (Male 40-49)3:18:15
520Hamish Keith (Male 40-49)3:17:56
521Mireille Montminy (Female 30-39)3:17:10
522Elisa Otter (Female 20-29)3:17:46
523Trevor Greenwood (Male 30-39)3:18:55
524Scott Hornick (Male 30-39)3:19:14
525Matt Scotton (Male 40-49)3:19:43
526Matt Anderies (Male 20-29)3:19:16
527Jeremiah Johnson (Male 30-39)3:18:44
528Chad Brackelsberg (Male 30-39)3:18:56
529Chris Bryce (Male 40-49)3:19:40
530Duke Kern (Male 60-69)3:18:28
531Kurt Nofziger (Male 30-39)3:17:23
532Chris Dauwe (Male 20-29)3:19:18
533Brent Goldstein (Male 40-49)3:20:09
534Jeremy Woolf (Male 40-49)3:20:01
535Travis Stork (Male 40-49)3:20:03
536Marshall Reeves (Male 50-59)3:21:26
537Steve Peters (Male 40-49)3:21:17
538Mark Flanagan (Male 40-49)3:21:34
539Steve Boniface (Male 30-39)3:22:43
540Harlan Smith (Male 40-49)3:22:41
541Cole Hanson (Male 20-29)3:21:12
542Sean Mclaughlin (Male 20-29)3:22:55
543Drew Ireland (Male 30-39)3:23:02
544Tyler Brilinski (Male 50-59)3:23:20
545Rod Baker (Male 40-49)3:22:57
546Lionel Conacher (Male 50-59)3:22:30
547Jeff Westcott (Male 40-49)3:23:38
548Alicia Berthiaume (Female 30-39)3:23:34
549Dean Frederickson (Male 50-59)3:23:13
550Frank Pugsley (Male 30-39)3:23:45
551Dean Blatter (Male Singlespeed)3:23:54
552Jose Mera (Male 30-39)3:22:09
553Mike Morris (Male 40-49)3:23:41
554Jeremy Brouwer (Male 20-29)3:23:48
555Rowan Edwards (Male 40-49)3:24:37
556Neal Beidleman (Male 50-59)3:24:05
557Scott Liversedge (Male 40-49)3:24:57
558N.n. 50001 ()3:25:04
559Reed Malvick (Male 30-39)3:26:18
560Scott Swaney (Male 40-49)3:27:19
561Kevin Pedlow (Male 40-49)3:27:38
562Dominic Petrocelli (Male 30-39)3:27:41
563Dwayne Otto (Male 40-49)3:27:54
564Nick Cooley (Male 20-29)3:26:08
565Glenn North (Male 40-49)3:27:23
566Jason Scarbrough (Male 30-39)3:28:23
567Kris Weber (Male 50-59)3:28:34
568Morison Hall (Male 30-39)3:29:18
569Lee Turley (Male 30-39)3:27:40
570Michael Ramsey (Male 40-49)3:28:40
571Michael Chavez (Male 40-49)3:29:48
572Stephen Fancy (Male 30-39)3:28:45
573Lee Cannon (Male 60-69)3:30:14
574John Mullaney (Male 40-49)3:30:35
575Larry Price (Male 50-59)3:30:39
576Mark Newman (Male 50-59)3:30:24
577Travis Clater (Male 30-39)3:29:18
578Brian Jenkins (Male 30-39)3:28:58
579James Gaston (Male 40-49)3:30:14
580Irfan Khan (Male 30-39)3:31:25
581Ricky Mcdonald (Male 50-59)3:32:15
582Dennis White (Male 50-59)3:32:11
583Eddie Del Pino (Male 40-49)3:31:57
584Florence Tartavel (Female 40-49)3:31:54
585Jeff Vierling (Male 40-49)3:32:26
586William Repplinger (Male 50-59)3:32:25
587Dennis Schueler (Male 50-59)3:32:29
588Ned Rule (Male 40-49)3:32:48
589Clare Vlahopoulos (Female 30-39)3:32:45
590Jilene Mecham (Female 40-49)3:32:43
591Peter Spagnoli (Male 50-59)3:32:37
592Ned Barnett (Male 50-59)3:32:48
593Rich Maines (Male Singlespeed)3:33:28
594Mark Ryan (Male 40-49)3:31:33
595Chad Carson (Male 50-59)3:33:41
596James Ellis (Male 40-49)3:31:13
597Andrew Buckley (Male 40-49)3:33:34
598Alex Smith (Male 30-39)3:32:31
599Gannon Merrell (Male 30-39)3:33:47
600Michael Sutton (Male 30-39)3:32:18
601Derek Terenzio (Male 30-39)3:33:14
602Paul Blatter (Male Singlespeed)3:33:56
603Mauricio Alvarado (Male 40-49)3:32:57
604Raymond Willard (Male 40-49)3:34:25
605Mark Glasgow (Male 40-49)3:34:33
606Paul Kruger (Male 30-39)3:32:27
607Robert Glowczewsky (Male 40-49)3:33:22
608Timothy Hessinger (Male 40-49)3:34:30
609Jonathan Zeif (Male 50-59)3:34:38
610Beverly Smith (Female 40-49)3:35:07
611David Lattimer (Male 40-49)3:35:12
612Dave Lindenberg (Male 40-49)3:35:36
613Rob Bordan (Male 40-49)3:35:05
614Mike Birch (Male 40-49)3:35:42
615Rob Belz (Male 40-49)3:35:08
616Paul Hooge (Male 40-49)3:36:01
617Kathy Kallner (Female 40-49)3:36:44
618Stan Prutz (Male 50-59)3:37:04
619Antonio Gonzalez (Male 30-39)3:36:53
620Brian Heit (Male 30-39)3:36:46
621Adrian Wainwright (Male 30-39)3:37:27
622Erich Kraft (Male 20-29)3:37:10
623Peter Baiamonte (Male 40-49)3:37:14
624Matt Delaney (Male 40-49)3:37:21
625David Torres (Male 50-59)3:37:57
626Dean Nix (Male 40-49)3:38:11
627Brent Underdahl (Male 40-49)3:37:18
628Mark Wineman (Male 40-49)3:38:28
629Janet Ross (Female 50-59)3:35:48
630Otley Smith (Male 40-49)3:39:27
631Markus Zimmer (Male 40-49)3:39:40
632Robert Crooks (Male 40-49)3:39:18
633John Petrosky (Male 40-49)3:40:16
634Robert Sack (Male 60-69)3:40:05
635Asier Artaechevarria (Male 30-39)3:39:24
636Jason Powers (Male 40-49)3:39:52
637Jordan Chaney (Male 50-59)3:40:34
638Greg Binion (Male 40-49)3:40:39
639Eric Ault (Male 30-39)3:39:08
640Stephen Durham (Male 30-39)3:39:02
641Roxanne Hall (Female 40-49)3:41:02
642Renne Mera (Male 30-39)3:39:20
643Alexandra Akemann (Female 40-49)3:40:01
644Allen Schwartz (Male 40-49)3:41:08
645Col. David Haines (Male 40-49)3:41:17
646Peter Tomes (Male 40-49)3:40:31
647Chris Soukup (Male 40-49)3:40:16
648Jesse Jacobson (Male 30-39)3:40:39
649Matt D'ambrosia (Male 40-49)3:41:42
650Jose Israel Fregoso (Male 30-39)3:39:56
651Anders Nasman (Male 40-49)3:41:48
652Todd Smith (Male 50-59)3:42:13
653Robert Austin (Male 30-39)3:41:55
654Dennis Lessard (Male 40-49)3:40:47
655Scott Morman (Male 40-49)3:41:36
656Liz Carrington (Female Pro)3:42:29
657John Barbicas (Male 30-39)3:42:40
658Erhan Ayan (Male 30-39)3:42:51
659John Battista (Male 50-59)3:41:18
660Kt Desantis (Female 50-59)3:43:26
661Marc Kriewaldt (Male 40-49)3:43:27
662Jeremy Ostrowski (Male 30-39)3:43:12
663Alexander Euceda (Male 30-39)3:44:15
664Will Francis (Male 30-39)3:42:47
665Thomas Himmelrich (Male 30-39)3:44:39
666Terry Curley (Male 40-49)3:44:12
667Dave Allen (Male 40-49)3:43:13
668Bryce Daviess (Male Singlespeed)3:43:31
669David Forkner (Male Pro)3:45:37
670Tom Forkner (Male 50-59)3:43:23
671Aaron Foster (Male 40-49)3:46:07
672Landon Fabela (Male 30-39)3:45:59
673Parker Christiansen (Male 40-49)3:46:55
674Kevin Cadieux (Male 50-59)3:45:22
675Jonathan Sandberg (Male 50-59)3:46:51
676Gabriel Baeza (Male 40-49)3:45:50
677David Staples (Male 50-59)3:47:04
678Michael Carmody (Male Singlespeed)3:46:59
679Edmund Webecke (Male 40-49)3:47:15
680Adam de La Pena (Male 30-39)3:47:14
681Michael Schlegel (Male 40-49)3:47:15
682Steve Jones (Male 40-49)3:47:20
683Jeff Burnett (Male 50-59)3:48:35
684Dirk Sorenson (Male 40-49)3:48:25
685Josh Porter (Male 30-39)3:47:13
686David Nerrow (Male 40-49)3:48:53
687Pamela Nielsen (Female 30-39)3:48:09
688Ryan Fulmer (Male 30-39)3:48:30
689Mark Parker (Male 40-49)3:48:57
690Bruce Kelly (Male 60-69)3:49:32
691Mike Speck (Male 50-59)3:49:24
692Michael Schmit (Male 40-49)3:49:27
693Tim Walker (Male Pro)3:48:36
694Brian Coffman (Male 40-49)3:49:40
695Eric Riel (Male 50-59)3:49:21
696Bob Meneely (Male 40-49)3:50:12
697Noel Culberson (Male 40-49)3:49:52
698Jerome Grilhot (Male 40-49)3:49:57
699Kevin Dittmer (Male 30-39)3:50:49
700Gary Morris (Male 30-39)3:50:49
701Melanie Smith (Female 20-29)3:49:05
702Mark Scully (Male 40-49)3:50:56
703Jason Mehler (Male 30-39)3:48:58
704Jose Alas (Male 30-39)3:50:54
705Mark Wheeler (Male 40-49)3:51:20
706David Trudell (Male 40-49)3:51:10
707Shaun Bethell (Male 40-49)3:50:10
708Rick Sabata (Male 60-69)3:51:03
709Tim O'reilly (Male 40-49)3:49:41
710Doug Pitt (Male 40-49)3:49:41
711Marty Smuin (Male 40-49)3:51:09
712Scott Bandoni (Male 40-49)3:51:34
713Beau (Male 40-49)3:51:49
714Brian Parker (Male 40-49)3:50:37
715Matt Bullock (Male 40-49)3:50:28
716Mark Walls (Male 40-49)3:51:46
717Jon Hunter (Male 40-49)3:50:42
718David Larsen (Male Singlespeed)3:51:22
719Tim Hollingsed (Male 50-59)3:50:42
720Todd Maccagnan (Male 40-49)3:52:57
721Josh Swiger (Male 40-49)3:52:45
722Russ Acuff (Male 50-59)3:53:11
723Gale Bernhardt (Female 50-59)3:53:25
724Jim Wilder (Male 40-49)3:52:14
725Scott Ellis (Male 50-59)3:53:54
726Lance Windey (Male 40-49)3:52:46
727Peter Jantzen (Male 40-49)3:53:00
728Tim Itin (Male 50-59)3:54:06
729Voytek Bobak (Male 40-49)3:54:25
730Pablo Fusaro (Male 30-39)3:53:43
731Raul Mena (Male 20-29)3:53:16
732Zach Allen (Male 30-39)3:54:56
733Ryan Siegel (Male 40-49)3:54:40
734Todd Grant (Male 40-49)3:55:41
735Ed Poremba (Male Singlespeed)3:55:04
736Kyle Herren (Male 40-49)3:56:02
737Jamie Malin (Male 40-49)3:55:07
738Anthony Pesce (Male 30-39)3:54:33
739Chrisopher Brennan (Male 30-39)3:55:57
740Taylor Ratliff (Male 20-29)3:56:54
741Brent Bell (Male 40-49)3:56:27
742Thomas Falloon (Male 40-49)3:57:18
743Joey Delgado (Male 40-49)3:57:40
744Neil Bremner (Male 50-59)3:56:59
745John Belkin (Male 40-49)3:57:36
746Jonny Kloppenburg (Male 30-39)3:57:14
747Darin Carl (Male 40-49)3:58:34
748Jason Schuster (Male 30-39)3:59:04
749Jack Haley (Male Singlespeed)3:58:37
750Christopher Trevelise (Male 30-39)3:58:59
751Kevin Grafft (Male 50-59)3:57:41
752Jeff Kuckenbaker (Male 40-49)3:59:30
753Darren Wiberg (Male 40-49)3:59:54
754Bob Cowley (Male 40-49)3:59:38
755Lucy Sutter (Female 30-39)4:00:02
756Brad Patty (Male 50-59)4:00:43
757Eric Headrick (Male 40-49)3:58:39
758Steve Jones (Male 50-59)4:00:16
759Brian Hughes (Male Pro)4:00:38
760Kevin Spinelli (Male 40-49)4:00:28
761Jose Gutierrez (Male 50-59)4:00:41
762Leonel Cosio (Male 30-39)3:58:50
763Andrew Jordan (Male 40-49)3:59:49
764Roman Urbina (Male 50-59)4:00:10
765Charles Pluto (Male 30-39)4:00:01
766James Honda (Male 20-29)4:00:57
767Scott Mcmillian (Male 40-49)4:01:16
768Troy Crady (Male 40-49)4:01:14
769Bill Kellogg (Male 50-59)4:01:10
770John Buck (Male 30-39)4:01:35
771Brian Draper (Male 40-49)4:00:27
772Robert Mooney (Male 30-39)4:02:10
773Matt Sweeney (Male 40-49)4:02:02
774Ray Vigil (Male 40-49)4:01:34
775Philippe Courtois (Male 60-69)4:01:57
776Jay Prasuhn (Male 40-49)4:00:20
777Brett Piche (Male 30-39)4:00:54
778Wade Housewright (Male 40-49)4:02:32
779Paul Dodd (Male 40-49)4:02:52
780Christopher Ott (Male 30-39)4:01:46
781Cori Culp (Female 30-39)4:02:38
782Jerald Cook (Male 40-49)4:02:29
783Paul Mcilree (Male 30-39)4:02:56
784Frank Walker (Male 40-49)4:02:52
785Lisa Turnbull (Female 30-39)4:02:40
786Lawson Willard (Male 40-49)4:03:52
787Sam St.pierre (Male 50-59)4:04:18
788Ryan Koenig (Male 30-39)4:02:54
789Steve Thomas (Male 50-59)4:04:09
790Todd Cressman (Male 40-49)4:05:01
791Cal Neske (Male 40-49)4:04:48
792Charles Ambrose (Male 50-59)4:04:42
793Cindy Morse (Female 40-49)4:05:50
794Danny Knox (Male 40-49)4:06:01
795Dominic Yee (Male 40-49)4:05:47
796Wayne Smith (Male 40-49)4:04:56
797Roger Hedlund (Male 50-59)4:06:40
798Douglas Tice (Male 40-49)4:06:54
799Vaughn Cavanaugh (Male 40-49)4:07:08
800Rick Johnson (Male 40-49)4:07:05
801Chip Fuller (Male 40-49)4:05:37
802Shannon Greenhill (Female 30-39)4:06:16
803Joshua Laverdiere (Male 30-39)4:07:45
804John Callahan (Male 50-59)4:08:06
805Garrett Christensen (Male 0-19)4:06:30
806Bryant Christensen (Male Singlespeed)4:08:19
807Dick Newson (Male 50-59)4:06:57
808Kristopher Simons (Male 20-29)4:08:37
809Carl Borg (Male 30-39)4:07:08
810Bjoern Andersen (Male 30-39)4:07:38
811Patrick Sipe (Male 40-49)4:08:32
812Scott Steele (Male 40-49)4:09:28
813Scott Robinson (Male 40-49)4:09:55
814Dawn Zencka (Female 40-49)4:09:20
815Tony Curtis (Male 40-49)4:08:54
816Bart Johnson (Male 40-49)4:08:56
817Robert Layman (Male 40-49)4:08:49
818Scott Peipert (Male 30-39)4:08:47
819Jeff Brown (Male 50-59)4:10:24
820Jose Zuniga (Male 30-39)4:09:16
821Johnna Koenig (Female 30-39)4:09:04
822Julian Howitt (Male 30-39)4:10:49
823Chas Nelson (Male 40-49)4:09:18
824Charles Snyder (Male 60-69)4:10:27
825Dale Cragg (Male 40-49)4:08:55
826Atilio Quintanilla (Male 40-49)4:10:28
827Robert Scanlon (Male 50-59)4:11:08
828Jason Grimes (Male 40-49)4:10:37
829Patricia Schmidt-Iverson (Female 40-49)4:10:54
830Bahram Akradi (Male 50-59)4:11:04
831Timothy Bishop (Male 30-39)4:11:17
832William Dallas (Male 30-39)4:11:26
833Ryan Collins (Male 30-39)4:10:16
834Bruce Roberts (Male 40-49)4:11:32
835Austin Gardner (Male 20-29)4:12:08
836Sarah Germundson (Female 30-39)4:11:20
837Kris Hendricks (Male 30-39)4:11:53
838Seth Demarrais (Male 40-49)4:12:25
839Suzanne Schoettger (Female 40-49)4:12:15
840Kenton Bruice (Male 40-49)4:11:45
841Jason Hansen (Male 30-39)4:10:39
842Pat Mcginnis (Male 40-49)4:12:10
843Matt Reeves (Male 30-39)4:12:33
844Christopher Danz (Male 30-39)4:11:44
845Angelo Mascelli (Male 30-39)4:12:48
846Benjamin Jones (Male 20-29)4:12:15
847Erick Lord (Male 30-39)4:13:15
848Alan Bocko (Male 40-49)4:12:33
849Scott Adema (Male 40-49)4:12:26
850Alejandro Abellan (Male 50-59)4:12:12
851Stuart Dibble (Male 50-59)4:12:20
852Ray Solis (Male 40-49)4:13:55
853Arturo Macias (Male 40-49)4:12:02
854John van Pay (Male 30-39)4:14:10
855Gabe Szody (Male 30-39)4:14:40
856Todd Huckins (Male 50-59)4:14:43
857M Sean Rogers (Male 40-49)4:13:18
858Cory Stevenson (Male 50-59)4:15:03
859Cameron Berry (Male 30-39)4:15:41
860Don Rueschhoff (Male 50-59)4:14:42
861Greg Lyons (Male 40-49)4:15:58
862Dennis Knowlton (Male 60-69)4:15:54
863Ryan Barry (Male 30-39)4:14:56
864Warner Segura (Male 40-49)4:15:24
865John Patrick Callahan (Male 40-49)4:16:36
866Giampiero Capelli (Male 50-59)4:16:18
867Lorie Hutchison (Female 40-49)4:14:49
868Kara Durland (Female Singlespeed)4:16:48
869Larry Linne (Male 50-59)4:16:32
870Bob Schmalholz (Male 50-59)4:16:47
871Ryan Eltiste (Male 30-39)4:16:20
872Brett Katzen (Male 50-59)4:16:55
873Sean Mcsheehy (Male 50-59)4:16:41
874Aaron Foreman (Male 40-49)4:17:19
875Eric Wiener (Male 40-49)4:16:52
876Jonathan Pedersen (Male 40-49)4:16:53
877John Lloyd (Male 30-39)4:18:19
878Michael Merrifield (Male 60-69)4:18:15
879Wade Schoech (Male 40-49)4:17:29
880Erik Moen (Male 40-49)4:17:32
881Ryan Rimbert (Male 40-49)4:17:47
882Jeff Kazan (Male 40-49)4:16:40
883Shawn Gillis (Male 40-49)4:18:44
884Christopher Witt (Male 50-59)4:18:35
885Keith Merriman (Male 40-49)4:18:33
886James Matsubayashi (Male 40-49)4:16:54
887Heidi Clayton (Female 40-49)4:19:13
888Micajah Boatright (Male 30-39)4:19:06
889April Herring (Female 30-39)4:19:21
890Thomas Mcandrews (Male 50-59)4:19:16
891Steve Locati (Male 40-49)4:19:01
892Tom Gruver (Male 40-49)4:17:42
893Stacey Davis (Female 40-49)4:18:27
894Richard Ruiz (Male 40-49)4:19:17
895Ralph Wentz (Male 50-59)4:20:34
896Stephen Bryant (Male 40-49)4:20:37
897Charlie Dixon (Male 40-49)4:20:50
898Jon Hundley (Male 30-39)4:21:05
899Lester Bowen (Male 40-49)4:20:26
900David Key (Male 40-49)4:20:42
901Robb Shirey (Male 30-39)4:20:48
902John Brazelton (Male 40-49)4:19:32
903Trenton Thompson (Male 40-49)4:21:48
904Patrick Sweeney (Male 40-49)4:22:37
905Jody Cagle (Male 30-39)4:21:12
906Todd Mcneilly (Male 40-49)4:21:51
907Jennifer Leigh Tofte (Female 30-39)4:21:44
908Roy Hichens (Male 20-29)4:21:00
909Grant Brownback (Male 20-29)4:21:14
910Marty Kaye (Male 50-59)4:21:29
911Michael Ramseier (Male 40-49)4:22:51
912Dan Ingle (Male 40-49)4:21:54
913Theodore Rhodes (Male 40-49)4:21:17
914Edward Polyakov (Male 30-39)4:21:27
915Justin Mattison (Male 30-39)4:22:25
916Christopher Bonner (Male 30-39)4:23:21
917Ryan Locher (Male 30-39)4:23:50
918Marq Prince (Male 40-49)4:23:24
919Michael Todisco (Male 50-59)4:23:17
920Jason Wright (Male 30-39)4:23:05
921Laura Scherff (Female 40-49)4:23:06
922Bob "thor" Heinzen (Male 40-49)4:23:43
923Brad Stratton (Male 40-49)4:23:04
924Paul Marshall (Male 30-39)4:24:23
925David Schutz (Male 30-39)4:24:07
926Gianna Bianchi (Female 40-49)4:24:27
927Brian Sullivan (Male 40-49)4:23:09
928Jeffrey Sillik (Male 40-49)4:24:23
929Tony Bondhus (Male 30-39)4:25:49
930Raino Zoller (Male 40-49)4:25:02
931Michael Garwood (Male 50-59)4:24:39
932David Thibodeaux (Male 40-49)4:25:24
933Greg Maness (Male 40-49)4:25:19
934Scott Sargent (Male 40-49)4:25:52
935Dallas Eakins (Male 40-49)4:26:56
936William "doc" Wenmark (Male 60-69)4:27:11
937Chris Malouf (Male 40-49)4:28:20
938Tony Brisindi (Male 40-49)4:27:59
939John Schlichte (Male 50-59)4:27:32
940Jay Baker (Male 50-59)4:28:04
941Christopher Woody (Male 40-49)4:26:48
942Alex Kalliokoski (Male 20-29)4:27:08
943Joseph Fortin (Male Singlespeed)4:27:33
944Bob Finley (Male 40-49)4:28:05
945Lynne Cecil (Female 50-59)4:28:02
946John Appeldorn (Male 50-59)4:28:25
947Eric Staubs (Male Singlespeed)4:28:58
948Tim Fisher (Male 50-59)4:28:48
949Jill Vale (Female 40-49)4:27:47
950Donald Coggia (Male 40-49)4:28:14
951Erik Simpson (Male 40-49)4:27:24
952Kent Smith (Male 40-49)4:29:30
953Calvin Cahoon (Male 40-49)4:29:27
954John Dixon (Male 30-39)4:27:35
955Gareth Thomas (Male 40-49)4:28:23
956Jennifer Johnson (Female 30-39)4:30:00
957Mike Hughes (Male 50-59)4:30:32
958Carlos Rivera (Male 50-59)4:32:03
959Tom Bergmann (Male 40-49)4:31:24
960Scott Corbin (Male 30-39)4:32:06
961Andrew Murray (Male 50-59)4:32:20
962Todd Thurmes (Male 20-29)4:31:05
963Brad Phillips (Male 30-39)4:31:27
964Charles Cooper (Male 40-49)4:31:42
965Brian Kozicki (Male 30-39)4:32:59
966Karl Krupp (Male 40-49)4:33:39
967Beau Mooneyham (Male 30-39)4:33:17
968Rachel Beck (Female 30-39)4:32:17
969William Toth (Male 40-49)4:32:46
970Darren West (Male 40-49)4:33:21
971Roger Prachyl (Male 40-49)4:33:49
972Craig van Renterghem (Male Singlespeed)4:32:52
973Larry Tucker (Male 50-59)4:33:39
974Eric Judycki (Male 30-39)4:33:38
975Peter Scharer (Male 40-49)4:33:35
976Caterina Tellini (Female 30-39)4:33:34
977Chris Larkin (Male 40-49)4:32:52
978Ludwik Zon (Male 50-59)4:35:05
979Michael Talbert (Male 50-59)4:34:41
980John Irwin Ii (Male 30-39)4:34:17
981Bisson Bisson (Male 40-49)4:35:13
982Ephi Gildor (Female 40-49)4:33:30
983Michael Cook (Male 40-49)4:34:57
984Jana Morris (Female 40-49)4:35:05
985Chris Felzien (Male 40-49)4:36:07
986Charles Thomas (Male 40-49)4:34:22
987William Brotman (Male 30-39)4:35:54
988Randy Colburn (Male 50-59)4:36:30
989Tracy Paradise (Female 30-39)4:36:37
990Colin Martin (Male 30-39)4:36:20
991Brian Roginski (Male 30-39)4:36:57
992Noah Williams (Male 50-59)4:38:20
993Kevin Dewlen (Male 30-39)4:37:48
994Todd Holtmann (Male 40-49)4:37:14
995Kent Mcgrew (Male 50-59)4:38:29
996Shane Garman (Male 30-39)4:38:58
997Drew Ott (Male 40-49)4:38:24
998Scott Wortendyke (Male 40-49)4:39:06
999Crystal Petrocelli (Female 30-39)4:39:08
1000Nick Sontag (Male 30-39)4:37:48
1001Etienne van Tiggelen (Male 40-49)4:37:47
1002Joe Christoffersen (Male 30-39)4:38:44
1003Mike Molloy (Male 40-49)4:37:59
1004Richard Wattles (Male 20-29)4:38:25
1005Christopher Craigo (Male 40-49)4:40:10
1006Jason Kilroy (Male 30-39)4:38:48
1007Wells Squier (Male 40-49)4:40:23
1008Gail Strom (Male 40-49)4:39:12
1009Duffy Danish (Female 30-39)4:39:24
1010Andrew Bond (Male 40-49)4:39:33
1011David Bluestein (Male 40-49)4:39:54
1012Marshall Ferguson (Male 30-39)4:39:51
1013Erick Whittier (Male 40-49)4:38:33
1014Elliot Weintrob (Male 40-49)4:39:49
1015Craig Spoon (Male 40-49)4:39:06
1016Jeremy Tamsen (Male 20-29)4:39:20
1017David Spivey (Male 40-49)4:42:11
1018Grant Gosch (Male 30-39)4:40:05
1019Susan Mccotter (Female 40-49)4:41:45
1020Jared Gazda (Male 20-29)4:40:11
1021Shanynn Bunce (Female 40-49)4:41:37
1022Tyson Marian (Male 30-39)4:41:48
1023Dan Matthews (Male 50-59)4:42:06
1024Gerry Naski (Male 50-59)4:40:35
1025Jeff Cotner (Male 40-49)4:42:00
1026Christopher Mays (Male 30-39)4:42:02
1027Darryl Lawrence (Male 50-59)4:42:40
1028Jonathan Meek (Male 40-49)4:41:25
1029James Boddeker (Male 40-49)4:43:14
1030Kevin Darrah (Male 40-49)4:42:51
1031Blake Rollins (Male 20-29)4:42:46
1032Bradley Rich (Male 60-69)4:42:32
1033Kimberly Kolesar (Female 40-49)4:44:32
1034Benjamin Johnson (Male 40-49)4:43:49
1035Tim Urbine (Male 30-39)4:44:33
1036Ashley Honey (Male 30-39)4:43:24
1037Matt Brennan (Male 30-39)4:43:22
1038Scott Humphries (Male 40-49)4:43:05
1039Ryan Vanderloop (Male 30-39)4:44:14
1040Robert Hyde (Male 40-49)4:43:11
1041Debbie Gillespie (Female 30-39)4:43:25
1042Burns Burns (Tandem)4:45:11
1043Casey Dray (Male 30-39)4:44:25
1044Rodney Naylor (Male 40-49)4:45:50
1045Ken Keister (Male 40-49)4:45:50
1046Maria Chase (Female 30-39)4:45:49
1047Patrick Shanahan (Male 30-39)4:46:08
1048Alessandro de Souza (Male 30-39)4:46:14
1049Ernst Mueller (Female 50-59)4:46:21
1050Karen Oppenheimer (Female 40-49)4:44:18
1051Michelle Torres (Female 40-49)4:46:18
1052Brent Wildman (Male 60-69)4:45:15
1053Josh Smith (Male 30-39)4:46:43
1054Tim House (Male 40-49)4:45:25
1055Charles Bybee (Male 50-59)4:47:04
1056Bruce Lessard (Male 60-69)4:47:07
1057Greg Lessard (Male 30-39)4:47:08
1058Garry Mcculloch (Male 50-59)4:47:10
1059Steve Shearer (Male 40-49)4:47:28
1060Amanda House (Female 20-29)4:47:27
1061Margo Pitts (Female 40-49)4:47:29
1062Mark Little (Male 50-59)4:47:57
1063James Munafo Jr. (Male 50-59)4:47:54
1064Mike Ewy (Male 50-59)4:45:53
1065Erin Allaman (Female 30-39)4:46:59
1066Daniel Kaufman (Male 40-49)4:47:11
1067Jarrett Keim (Male 40-49)4:47:10
1068Patrick Chesser (Male 40-49)4:47:12
1069Borre Gjersvik (Male 40-49)4:47:50
1070Dave Harris (Male 50-59)4:46:24
1071Frank Gepfrich (Male 40-49)4:48:06
1072Jeremy Boggs (Male 30-39)4:48:19
1073Alexander Loeffler (Male 30-39)4:47:49
1074J. Allard (Male 40-49)4:48:28
1075Joe Ibrahim (Male 30-39)4:47:43
1076Jeff Lambing (Male 40-49)4:49:13
1077John Eddington (Male 40-49)4:48:10
1078Ray Ward (Male 50-59)4:48:45
1079Steve Rose (Male 40-49)4:48:57
1080Patrick Schwinghammer (Male 40-49)4:47:29
1081Jeffrey Chen (Male 30-39)4:49:22
1082Orion Graham (Male 30-39)4:48:14
1083Natasha Powers (Female 40-49)4:48:44
1084Judy Rae Allen (Female 50-59)4:49:48
1085Tracy Yates (Female 40-49)4:47:58
1086Michael Belanger (Male 50-59)4:48:42
1087Joseph Burke (Male 40-49)4:49:23
1088Jeremy Layer (Male 40-49)4:50:12
1089Steve Abeyta (Male 40-49)4:49:48
1090Tim Ferrell (Male 40-49)4:49:51
1091Victor Chonka (Male 30-39)4:49:28
1092Jenn Dice (Female 40-49)4:50:38
1093Butch Nelson (Male 40-49)4:50:26
1094Kurt Wagner (Male 40-49)4:50:49
1095Christopher Borgatti (Male 30-39)4:49:08
1096Mike Kopp (Male 40-49)4:51:13
1097Daniel File (Male 50-59)4:51:13
1098Tim Carrier (Male 40-49)4:51:47
1099Patrick Carter (Male 40-49)4:51:56
1100Jeff Leenhouts (Male 50-59)4:51:49
1101Midori Nakamura (Female 40-49)4:52:04
1102Gerry Stasiak (Male 30-39)4:52:06
1103Richard Grant (Male 40-49)4:52:28
1104Timothy Klausutis (Male 40-49)4:51:27
1105Adam Whitehead (Male 40-49)4:51:56
1106Neel Gammill (Male 50-59)4:52:27
1107Steven Dewey (Male 50-59)4:50:58
1108Drew Cox (Male 30-39)4:51:07
1109Adam Joseph (Male 40-49)4:52:19
1110Paul Laur (Male 50-59)4:53:04
1111William Williams (Male 40-49)4:53:21
1112Christopher Norcia (Male 40-49)4:53:46
1113Joe Semple (Male 50-59)4:52:53
1114James Maaske (Male 50-59)4:53:36
1115Roger Mankus (Male 50-59)4:53:51
1116Travis Dray (Male 40-49)4:53:38
1117Christopher Westerman (Male 30-39)4:53:16
1118Sandy White (Male Singlespeed)4:52:51
1119Keith Walz (Male 40-49)4:53:21
1120Joe Kirby (Male 20-29)4:54:24
1121Joseph Lozon (Male 50-59)4:54:23
1122Christopher Seeley (Male 30-39)4:54:26
1123Kip Grossman (Male 50-59)4:53:42
1124Angela Paterna (Female 40-49)4:54:43
1125John Clarke (Male 40-49)4:54:55
1126Scott Griswold (Male 30-39)4:55:25
1127Ken Peterson (Male 40-49)4:55:25
1128Blaire Gateman (Male 50-59)4:55:21
1129Chad Thompson (Male 40-49)4:54:11
1130Jason Ellis (Male 40-49)4:55:08
1131Mike Pace (Male 40-49)4:55:38
1132Dewey Noble (Male 30-39)4:56:01
1133Suzanne Lifgren (Female 40-49)4:53:36
1134Chris Guillamondegui (Male Singlespeed)4:56:30
1135Kevin Godley (Male 40-49)4:55:12
1136Sherry George (Female Singlespeed)4:55:18
1137Travis Gulbis (Male 40-49)4:56:40
1138Lisa Gallagher (Female 30-39)4:56:44
1139Deborah Pulley (Female 40-49)4:55:57
1140Richard Clark (Male 0-19)4:55:39
1141Ashley White (Female 30-39)4:55:56
1142Martin Morud (Male 20-29)4:57:11
1143Todd Rankin (Male 50-59)4:57:37
1144Lynne Mcdade (Female 50-59)4:57:52
1145Aron Mason (Male 30-39)4:57:24
1146Cj Picon (Male 30-39)4:57:33
1147Trent Wester (Male 20-29)4:56:53
1148Derek Murrow (Male 30-39)4:55:47
1149Stephen Kauffman (Male 40-49)4:57:02
1150Randall Charlwood (Male 20-29)4:57:47
1151Shelby Hawkins (Male 40-49)4:55:57
1152Heather Gilbert (Female Singlespeed)4:58:02
1153Tom Blake (Male 40-49)4:57:22
1154Michael Solberg (Male 40-49)4:57:37
1155Chris Meyer (Male 30-39)4:57:08
1156Kyle Greene (Male 0-19)4:58:01
1157Rob Lucas (Male 40-49)4:58:09
1158Patrick Quigney (Male 30-39)4:58:16
1159Brett Goldenberg (Male 40-49)4:59:09
1160Robert Tuma (Male 30-39)4:59:19
1161Sergei Shevlyagin (Male 20-29)4:58:04
1162Brian Barton (Male 40-49)4:59:35
1163Robin Wilkes (Male 50-59)4:59:24
1164Ashley Doty (Male 20-29)4:59:19
1165Douglas Hargis (Male 40-49)4:59:04
1166Paul Meuer (Male 20-29)4:59:31
1167Bruce Smith (Male 40-49)5:00:25
1168Eric Pringle (Male 40-49)5:00:30
1169Marcia Cardinali (Female 40-49)4:59:34
1170Ryan Randles (Male 30-39)5:00:41
1171Rick Hundley (Male 40-49)5:00:44
1172Zachary Gill (Male 30-39)4:59:04
1173Johnny Garner (Male 40-49)4:59:01
1174Mark Singleton (Male 50-59)4:59:14
1175Chris Thorpe (Male 30-39)4:59:38
1176Doug Smith (Male 40-49)5:01:17
1177Daniel Composto (Male 30-39)5:01:27
1178Steve Shaffer (Male 50-59)5:01:48
1179Jim Butterworth (Male 50-59)5:00:25
1180Shannon Warburg (Female 40-49)4:59:41
1181Reid Swanson (Male 40-49)5:01:33
1182Chris Cain (Male 40-49)5:01:31
1183Lee Fronapfel (Male 40-49)5:00:48
1184Charlie Wasley (Male 30-39)5:01:43
1185Craig Russell (Male 50-59)5:00:56
1186Cheryl Atkins (Female 40-49)5:00:31
1187Bubba Ezzell (Male 30-39)5:01:37
1188Daniel Austin (Male 40-49)5:02:05
1189Art Fleming (Male 70+)5:02:17
1190Alex Mlawsky (Male 40-49)5:00:59
1191Matt Kolb (Male 40-49)5:00:47
1192Daniel Sterling (Male 30-39)5:01:50
1193Vince Dreier (Male 30-39)5:01:18
1194Joshua Schneider (Male 30-39)5:02:39
1195Kevin Froemming (Male 50-59)5:01:32
1196Chad Barsness (Male 40-49)5:03:23
1197Lori Kohls (Female 20-29)5:03:30
1198Ken Fries (Male 40-49)5:03:35
1199Toni Geer (Female 50-59)5:03:32
1200Matt Osborne (Male 30-39)5:01:37
1201Scott Dalecio (Male 50-59)5:02:58
1202Kyle Martin (Male 30-39)5:01:36
1203Graeme Bell (Male 40-49)5:02:42
1204Susan Gibson (Female 30-39)5:02:23
1205Joe Marinucci (Male 30-39)5:04:35
1206Tonya Pitcher (Female 30-39)5:04:29
1207Scott Petry (Male 40-49)5:04:12
1208Chris Lepore (Male 40-49)5:05:01
1209Terry King (Male 40-49)5:04:47
1210Mike Rankin (Male 40-49)5:04:48
1211Milan Skrecek (Male 40-49)5:03:26
1212Carrie Mallozzi (Female 30-39)5:04:05
1213Antony Kay (Male 40-49)5:05:22
1214Stephanie Landy (Female 50-59)5:05:34
1215Wade Loberger (Male 40-49)5:03:44
1216Paul Kardosh (Male 30-39)5:04:30
1217Jack Roseberry (Male 40-49)5:05:23
1218Don Beard (Male 50-59)5:06:05
1219Eddie Branigan (Male 40-49)5:06:01
1220Lajuan Kelley (Female 40-49)5:06:25
1221Todd Mcinally (Male 30-39)5:05:34
1222Ronald Mccall (Male 40-49)5:05:37
1223Vickie Nelson (Female 40-49)5:07:18
1224Kyle Sipes (Male 30-39)5:06:05
1225Jeff Stevenson (Male 60-69)5:07:46
1226Chris Sur (Male 40-49)5:07:49
1227Rob Cowie (Male 40-49)5:07:58
1228Timothy Nijakowski (Male 40-49)5:06:43
1229Greg Caldwell (Male 40-49)5:06:44
1230James Decker (Male 30-39)5:07:54
1231Doug Hemmer (Male 30-39)5:08:08
1232James Bleakley (Male Singlespeed)5:09:01
1233Scheetz Scheetz (Male 40-49)5:06:55
1234Douglas Kauffman (Male 40-49)5:08:28
1235Chris Byrne (Male 40-49)5:07:15
1236Tobin Behling (Male 40-49)5:08:29
1237Robert Mcwhorter (Male 50-59)5:09:51
1238Kevin Weber (Male 50-59)5:09:47
1239Joshua Kast (Male 20-29)5:09:49
1240Jason Humphries (Male 30-39)5:09:04
1241Chris Davis (Male 50-59)5:08:30
1242Rick Mountain (Male 40-49)5:10:26
1243Josh Fonner (Male Singlespeed)5:09:09
1244Rodney Small (Male 40-49)5:09:00
1245Erin Mascelli (Female 40-49)5:10:40
1246Jamie Whitmore (Female 30-39)5:10:15
1247Ryan Beeler (Male 40-49)5:09:18
1248Timothy Tennant (Male 50-59)5:09:05
1249Robert Hoehn (Male 30-39)5:09:10
1250Zachary Zimmerman (Male 40-49)5:10:57
1251Alison Sullivan (Female 30-39)5:10:31
1252Jon Stoltz (Male 30-39)5:09:22
1253Lindsay Harris (Female 50-59)5:10:50
1254Jerry Johnston (Male 40-49)5:11:35
1255David Probst (Male 30-39)5:10:23
1256Scott Bonvallet (Male 50-59)5:09:49
1257Bill Steen (Male 60-69)5:11:52
1258Beth Steen (Female 30-39)5:11:59
1259Andrew Combs (Male 50-59)5:11:06
1260Christopher Roper (Male 30-39)5:10:54
1261David Clark (Male 40-49)5:11:18
1262Chris Wyckoff (Male 40-49)5:10:39
1263Chuck Stone (Male 40-49)5:12:15
1264Aaron Burrows (Male 30-39)5:11:20
1265Don Brown (Male 40-49)5:10:46
1266Aaron Griffin (Male 30-39)5:10:30
1267Kenny Wagner (Male 40-49)5:13:00
1268Anders Fairbanks (Male 30-39)5:12:53
1269Albert Lake (Male 50-59)5:11:31
1270Andrew Gilbert (Male 50-59)5:11:09
1271Thomas Pattee (Male 50-59)5:13:19
1272Lars Hundley (Male 40-49)5:12:31
1273Barend Groenewald (Male 40-49)5:12:22
1274Bruce Lewis-Watts (Male 50-59)5:13:40
1275Jim Gross (Male 40-49)5:13:43
1276Doug Elenowitz (Male 40-49)5:13:21
1277Shannon Donovan (Male 40-49)5:14:01
1278Brian Madden (Male 40-49)5:14:02
1279Katy Cornelius (Female 30-39)5:14:37
1280Robert Reed (Male 40-49)5:14:57
1281Jack Mason (Male 50-59)5:15:02
1282Longnecker Longenecker (Tandem)5:14:43
1283Ian White (Male 20-29)5:13:58
1284Grace Ragland (Female 50-59)5:15:04
1285Brian Culp (Male 40-49)5:15:20
1286Jim Ritchart (Male 50-59)5:14:09
1287Matthew Hammel (Male 30-39)5:15:23
1288Roark Nagler (Male 60-69)5:14:09
1289Ina Mclean (Female 50-59)5:14:56
1290Arnold Blankenship (Male 40-49)5:15:26
1291Oscar Vargas (Male 40-49)5:14:43
1292Jeff Heitzenrater (Male 40-49)5:15:26
1293Mike Keenan (Male 40-49)5:15:12
1294Chad Bowser (Male 40-49)5:15:07
1295Scott Mcfarland (Male 40-49)5:15:59
1296Ed Schwandt (Male 30-39)5:16:53
1297Jason Hurdle (Male 40-49)5:16:32
1298Jack Ballenger (Male 40-49)5:16:44
1299Bob Kinder (Male 40-49)5:16:58
1300Grant Scott (Male 50-59)5:16:37
1301Brian Madison (Male 50-59)5:16:10
1302John Dobbs Jr (Male 40-49)5:16:46
1303Brandon Gough (Male 30-39)5:15:29
1304Sean Churchill (Male 40-49)5:17:36
1305John Kakales (Male 40-49)5:16:24
1306Carl Urbon (Male 60-69)5:17:14
1307John Sellinger (Male 30-39)5:17:40
1308Marek Wojcikowski (Male 60-69)5:17:24
1309Ryan Davis (Male 30-39)5:17:32
1310Todd Johnson (Male 40-49)5:17:08
1311Brad Bennett (Male 40-49)5:16:35
1312Sarah Marcikonis (Female 40-49)5:18:04
1313Kevin Gilinsky (Male 40-49)5:17:21
1314Donald Barnes (Male 40-49)5:17:44
1315Pierce Norton (Male 50-59)5:18:26
1316Bernard Verwer (Male 40-49)5:18:27
1317David Baker (Male 40-49)5:18:57
1318Gerald Kwiatkowski (Male 40-49)5:17:58
1319Daniel Kwiatkowski (Male 30-39)5:17:58
1320Ryan Rausch (Male 30-39)5:18:45
1321Mike Gregoire (Male 40-49)5:18:25
1322Nate Hanssen (Male 30-39)5:17:55
1323Ronald Incerta (Male 20-29)5:18:55
1324Adam Berig (Male 30-39)5:19:29
1325David Darbyshire (Male 30-39)5:17:59
1326Bill Eikenberry (Male 40-49)5:19:12
1327Fernando Lopez (Male 30-39)5:19:46
1328Tony Newton (Male 50-59)5:18:39
1329Kim Nordquist (Female 40-49)5:18:31
1330Heather Stallion (Female 40-49)5:18:54
1331Keith Edney (Male 50-59)5:18:56
1332Jason Bezon (Male 30-39)5:20:16
1333Tom Erickson (Male 50-59)5:19:24
1334Scott Moro (Male 30-39)5:18:37
1335Kenny Butler (Male 30-39)5:18:36
1336Shane Merz (Male 40-49)5:20:02
1337Shaunna Paxman (Female 40-49)5:19:25
1338Boad Swanson (Male 40-49)5:19:18
1339Jarred Young (Male 30-39)5:21:11
1340Juan Calderon (Male 40-49)5:19:20
1341Kirsten Mcdaniel (Female 40-49)5:21:30
1342Sean Connelly (Male 40-49)5:20:10
1343Trent Arnold (Male 30-39)5:21:16
1344Ladislav Lettovsky (Male 50-59)5:21:50
1345Mark Precious (Male 40-49)5:20:29
1346Frederic Schmid (Male 70+)5:21:14
1347Bain Carpenter (Male 50-59)5:21:36
1348Bruce Molina (Male 30-39)5:22:03
1349Chris Messing (Male 50-59)5:23:18
1350Daniel Ballard (Male 50-59)5:21:59
1351Lucky Tatlah (Male 20-29)5:24:04
1352Juan Carlos Sierra (Male 30-39)5:24:23
1353Rick Vandermyden (Male 40-49)5:24:07
1354Glade Weiser (Male 60-69)5:24:37
1355Megan Sweeney (Female 30-39)5:24:21
1356Natalie Mcbee (Female 30-39)5:23:52
1357Bryan Cyr (Male 40-49)5:24:10
1358Rosa Isela Gutierrez Fuents (Female 30-39)5:24:04
1359Braulio Jerez (Male Singlespeed)5:23:33
1360Mark Taylor (Male 20-29)5:25:48
1361Michael Foster (Male 50-59)5:24:54
1362Ramon Lopez (Male 40-49)5:24:57
1363Greg Rask (Male 40-49)5:25:30
1364Eric Burdak (Male 40-49)5:25:52
1365Heather Bowling (Female 30-39)5:26:48
1366Kelly Swanberg (Male 30-39)5:26:39
1367Brad Ewald (Male 40-49)5:25:33
1368Deborah Rubens (Female 30-39)5:26:24
1369Scott Primeau (Male 30-39)5:27:43
1370Daniel Ward (Male 40-49)5:27:36
1371Krynn Stegelmeier (Male 30-39)5:27:40
1372Taylor Essick (Male 30-39)5:27:19
1373David Hollows (Male 60-69)5:27:27
1374Edgar Gomez (Male 40-49)5:26:54
1375Michael Chambers (Male 40-49)5:27:00
1376Warren Fowler (Male 50-59)5:27:17
1377David Leon (Male 40-49)5:28:46
1378Timmy Smith (Male 20-29)5:27:55
1379Richard Davis (Male 40-49)5:28:32
1380Ryan Holtz (Male 40-49)5:29:25
1381Mike Rumpel (Male 40-49)5:29:40
1382Paula Waite (Female 40-49)5:29:15
1383Maximillian Akemann (Male 50-59)5:29:21
1384Tom Johnston (Male 30-39)5:30:10
1385Steve Mcconathy (Male 60-69)5:31:08
1386Steve Lamb (Male 40-49)5:30:49
1387Mia Phillips (Female 40-49)5:31:07
1388Paul Warburg (Male 40-49)5:29:55
1389Stanton Goodnight (Male 50-59)5:32:17
1390Kevin Lewis (Male 40-49)5:31:19
1391Philip Perkins (Male 60-69)5:33:16
1392Frank Corbett (Male 60-69)5:34:23
1393Benjamin Marbach (Male Singlespeed)5:34:17
1394Jay James (Male 50-59)5:35:02
1395Anne Linton (Female 50-59)5:35:01
1396Craig Stahl (Male 40-49)5:36:00
1397Brandon Belgin (Male 30-39)5:34:32
1398Lisa Hartman (Female 30-39)5:36:54
1399Fran Tadra (Female 60-69)5:35:47
1400Jamie Jeffries (Male 40-49)5:35:32
1401Jeffrey Murdoch (Male 40-49)5:37:02
1402Brad Wadlow (Male 40-49)5:37:45
1403Ken Schaible (Male 40-49)5:38:05
1404Emily Flagg (Female 30-39)5:38:08
1405Courtney Cardenas (Male 30-39)5:39:19
1406Vernon Chapman (Male 30-39)5:39:44
1407Tim Webb (Male 40-49)5:40:28
1408Kerri Schewe (Female 30-39)5:40:07
1409Denis Voitenko (Male 30-39)5:40:57
1410Keith Hoppe (Male 40-49)5:41:25
1411Jim Crouch (Male 50-59)5:41:28
1412Amy Owens (Female Singlespeed)5:42:08
1413Jason Church (Male 30-39)5:41:47
1414Dean Sontag (Male 50-59)5:42:11
1415Carl Weber (Male 30-39)5:42:06
1416Adalberto Vazquez (Male 40-49)5:42:32
1417Forrest Bassett (Male 20-29)5:43:33
1418Tom Norris (Male 50-59)5:42:56
1419Maja Kay (Female 40-49)5:44:50
1420Jennifer Swift (Female 30-39)5:44:29
1421Richard Vecchiolla (Male 40-49)5:45:24
1422Chris Danahy (Male 50-59)5:44:43
1423Scott Wickless (Male 40-49)5:47:40
1424Jeremy Casey (Male 30-39)5:46:04
1425Dave Coussirat (Male 40-49)5:49:18
1426Holly Sharp (Female 30-39)5:48:07
1427David Dalzell (Male 40-49)5:49:37
1428Bill Rexrode (Male 30-39)5:49:06
1429Robyn Reyes (Female 20-29)5:50:14
1430Mark Seaburg (Male 50-59)5:51:08
1431John Leitelt (Male 40-49)5:50:56
1432Sandi Scrimgeour (Female 40-49)5:50:57
1433John Truong (Male 30-39)5:54:10
1434Gary Mccarrell (Male 60-69)5:53:20
1435Aaron Georgelas (Male 30-39)5:54:44
1436Charles Thacker (Male 50-59)5:54:19
1437Anthony Damico (Male 50-59)5:56:13
1438Patricia Angela Rake (Female 40-49)5:57:49
1439Todd Hoekstra (Male 40-49)5:56:58
1440Sue Poremba (Female 50-59)5:57:52
1441Karen Holtmann (Female 40-49)5:57:33
1442Pedro Prieto (Male 40-49)5:57:14
1443Robert Spagnoli (Male 50-59)5:57:43
1444Darren Smith (Male 50-59)5:58:24
1445Jimmy Ruggles (Male 30-39)5:58:26
1446Mike Short (Male 40-49)5:58:28
1447Steven Gichner (Male 40-49)5:59:59
1448Donna Hickey (Female 40-49)6:01:30
1449Christopher Steil (Male 20-29)6:02:42
1450Britton Humphrey (Male 20-29)6:01:48
1451Clifford Jacobs (Male 50-59)6:03:58
1452Chad Devitt (Male 40-49)6:04:52
1453Shelly Steadman (Female 40-49)6:03:14
1454Damien Dugan (Male 40-49)6:04:33
1455Chris Kadlick (Male 40-49)6:04:44
1456Margaret Kadlick (Female 40-49)6:04:45
1457Hillman Bailey (Male 50-59)6:04:35
1458Daniel Leon (Male 40-49)6:04:41
1459Steve Colford (Male 50-59)6:05:22
1460Mark Lombardi (Male 50-59)6:06:17
1461Walter Astua (Male 30-39)6:08:04
1462Kyle Botkin (Male 20-29)6:09:24
1463Damon Lange (Male 40-49)6:08:39
1464Kelly Keefer (Female 30-39)6:09:09
1465Bryan Fraser (Male 40-49)6:09:56
1466David Tartt (Male 50-59)6:10:59
1467Nicco Salvador (Male 40-49)6:10:30
1468Cheryl Bond (Female 30-39)6:12:35
1469Nashett Ketchell (Tandem)6:14:00
1470Stephen Newman (Male 40-49)6:15:22
1471Todd Spacek (Male 40-49)6:16:31
1472Todd Popp (Male 30-39)6:17:08
1473Leslie Kehmeier (Female 30-39)6:18:00
1474Jeff Smith (Male 40-49)6:19:33
1475Lynn Wyatt (Male 50-59)6:19:35
1476Bart Bybee (Male 50-59)6:21:33
1477Dennis Booth (Male 40-49)6:20:47
1478Rebecca Stern (Female 40-49)6:20:40
1479Jeffrey Wise (Male 40-49)6:22:11
1480Daphne Oconnor (Female 40-49)6:23:28
1481Cesar Herrera (Male 40-49)6:23:32
DNFRick Campins (Male 40-49)
DNFPat Zimmerman (Male 40-49)
DNFDaniel Tankersley (Male 30-39)
DNFJim Ishman (Male 30-39)
DNFTom Chichester (Male 40-49)
DNFKate Prusack (Female 60-69)
DNFPeter Yanchak (Male 50-59)
DNFMichael Klein (Male 20-29)
DNFJay Henry (Male Pro)
DNFStephen Buchwalder (Male 50-59)
DNFDerek Wilkerson (Male Pro)
DNFGary Werning (Male 50-59)
DNFBilly Richmond (Male 40-49)
DNFRory Burkhart (Male 30-39)
DNFDan Dewitt (Male 40-49)
DNFLee Carter (Male 40-49)
DNFPerry Haney (Male 60-69)
DNFSusan Anderson (Female 50-59)
DNFStephen Clements (Male 30-39)
DNFBill Combs (Male 50-59)
DNFJeremy Hartzell (Male 30-39)
DNFBrian Hollister (Male 40-49)
DNFDavid Bufton (Male 40-49)
DNFJason Thelin (Male 40-49)
DNFPaul Nelson (Male 40-49)
DNFJohn Noblin (Male 40-49)
DNFChristian Combs (Male 40-49)
DNFMichael Doyle (Male 40-49)
DNFRyan West (Male Singlespeed)
DNFDarrin Moore (Male 40-49)
DNFDavid Banks (Male 60-69)
DNFTammy Jacques-Grewal (Female 40-49)
DNFDan Mcnamara (Male 40-49)
DNFRichard Mazzola (Male 50-59)
DNFDustin Ellis (Male 20-29)
DNFMichelle Thompon (Female 30-39)
DNFAdrian Weber (Male 40-49)
DNFMichael Entwistle (Male 50-59)
DNFSteve Bremner (Male 50-59)
DNFDaphne Hidayetoglu (Female 20-29)
DNFGregory Keller (Male 50-59)
DNFSteph Chichester (Female 40-49)
DNFWhit Smith (Male 40-49)
DNFJason Zakaras (Male 30-39)

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