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WORS wins five straight titles at the Midwest Mountain Bike Championship

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Theodore Rauh at the Ohio Mountain Bike Championships race, two weeks before the Iceman Cometh

Theodore Rauh at the Ohio Mountain Bike Championships race, two weeks before the Iceman Cometh (Image credit: Cindy Gay)
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Lindsey Prososki racing at the Ohio mountain bike championships.

Lindsey Prososki racing at the Ohio mountain bike championships. (Image credit: Cindy Gay)

For five years, The Kenda Midwest Mountain Bike Championship has been offering division winners an opportunity to compete with rival state series champions in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio.

Following the regular season, division leaders who compete in the WORS, Wisconsin Off-Road Series, Kentucky State Series, Michigan Tailwind Series, Indiana DINO Series, and Ohio OMBC Series become eligible to represent their division and state series at the Iceman Cometh Challenge. MMBC scores each state series based on the finish times of each representative, individually and collectively ranking racers in each division and each state series as a whole.

From its inception in 2004, The Iceman has hosted the MMBC. Iceman is a 27-mile point-to-point race from Kalkaska to Traverse City, Michigan. Under the outstanding leadership of race director, Steve Brown, The Iceman celebrated its 21st anniversary becoming the largest single day mountain bike event in North America with nearly 4,000 racers making the pilgrimage to the Great Lakes state of Michigan.

In this "lowest points wins" format, the WORS Series, with just 44 total points, topped all five participating state series. Led this year by 30-year-old Patryk Limanowicz (PACT-Dish Network) who took second in the Men's 30-31 division at 1:51:25. 14-year-old Rachel Jensen (Gear Grinder) placed third in the MYC Scholarship division for Women 12-18. Also placing third and leading his racers to 5 straight MMBC victories was none other than WORS Series Director, Don Edberg who placed third in Men 58-60 with an impressive time of 2:05:09.

For two years now, the Ohio OMBC Series placed second led by 26-year-old Theodore Rauh (IDUTRI/Chamois Butt'r) who captured first placed in the Men's 25-27 in just 1:51:53. Four OMBC racers each placed fifth in their divisions, helping Ohio squeak past Michigan's Tailwind Series. Last year's Women's MYC Scholarship winner, 16-year-old Lindsey Prososki (Trek 29er Crew) finished in 3:04:18.

A rising force in Pro/Expert division of the Ohio Series, 23-year-old Jeff Pendlebury (Groovy Cycleworks) took fifth in Men 19-24 in just 1:52:22. The first racer to top 24-Hour Solo Champion, David "Tinker" Juarez's distance at the 24 Hours of Mohican, Chip Meek (Spinbikeshop/Dieringer Cycles) placed fifth in the Men's 34 division at 2:00:40. The final fifth place finishing helping to lift Ohio came from 68-year-old Mike Dietlin. Dietlin is the 60+ OMBC Series Champion topping off a great season with a 5th place finish in the Men's 65+ division in just 2:28:02.

Michigan's Tailwind Series finished just six points behind Ohio led by three racers who each placed first in their division including 21-year-old Ryan Katulic (Team Giant) in the Men 19-24 with a time of 1:48:32, Adam Naish (RBS Cycling Team) who took the Men's 34 division in 1:49:20, and Paul Brown (Roll Models Bike Shop) winning the Men 50 division in 1:49:27.

The Indiana DINO Series placed fourth led by 53-year-old Hoosier Steve Harpster (Matthews Bicycles) who placed seventh in the Men's 53-54 in 2:05:10. Three other DINO racers each placed eighth in their division including Greg Bauer (Kirk's Bike Shop) in Men's 38 division at 2:03:48, Michael Wheeler ( / in Men's 42 at 1:57:16, and Mike Johnson (DRT Racing) in Men's 46 at 2:01:16.

Perhaps due to having the farthest to travel, The Kentucky Series sent just nine representatives this year incurring a 20-point penalty as a result. MMBC rules state that there will be no less than 10 finishing representatives for each state series for scoring purposes. However, there were some young standouts from the Bluegrass state including 13-year-old Katherine Santos (Red Zone Cycling) who placed second in the MYC Scholarship Women 12-18 at 2:47:27. Another young talent, 15-year-old Daniel Santos (Red Zone Cycling) took ninth in the Men's MYC Scholarship 12-18 division at 2:21:25.

Division winners in 2011 will have the first opportunity to become representatives next season.

Final results by state series

Wisconsin/Illinois WORS - 44 points total
Rachel Jensen (Gear Grinder) - Sport Women 14 & under (3)
Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized) - Cat 1 Women 35 & over (DNS/DNF)
Brittany Nigh (Pedal Moraine) - Sport Women 40-49 (DNS/DNF)
Caroline Warren - Citizen Women 40-49 (12)
Tristan Schouten (Mafia Racing) - Elite (5)
Peter Karinen (Cross Country Sports/ Endurance Trust) - Sport Men 14 & under (DNS/DNF)
Joseph Maloney - Comp Men 19-24 (DNS/DNF)
Patrick Scheibel - Sport Men 25-29 (7)
Eric Fossel (Spoke-N-Spine) - Comp 25-29 (3)
Patryk Limanowicz (PACT-Dish Network) - Comp 30-34 (2)
Michael Williams (Spoke-N-Spine) - Citizen Men 30-39 (14)
Eric Stanke (Schwag) - Sport Men 30-34 (6)
Gabriel Ion (Treadhead Cycling) - Sport Men 35-39 (5)
Ryan Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized) - Cat 1 Men 30-39 (DNS/DNF)
John Lirrette (Hayes Disc Brakes) - Cat 1 Men 40 & over (DNS/DNF)
Glen Stroik (Chiropractic Partners) - Comp 45-49 (4)
Clive Warren - Citizen Men 40-49 (16)
Brett Edgerle (Gear Grinder) - Open Men 50 & over (12)
Steve Kapaun - Sport Men 55-59 (21)
Donald Carr (IS Corp) - Citizen Men 50-59 (6)
Don Edberg (WORS Racing) - Series Director (3)
Shawn Hauser (Titletown Flyers) - Comp Clydesdale (38)
Jesse Jaehnig (Sheboygan Bicycle Company) - Sport Singlespeed (55)

Ohio OMBC - 73 points total
Lindsey Prososki (Trek 29er Crew) - Sport Women (5)
Shannon Tenwalde (OMBC) - Sport Women (10)
Janice Morgan (OMBC) - Novice Women (26)
Heidi Shilling (COMBOraceteam/OMBC ) - Expert Women (18)
Julie-Lewis Sroka (OMBC) - Sport Women (11)
Ben Ortt (OMBC Pro) - Pro/Expert Men (62)
Nolan Gay (COMBOraceteam/OMBC ) - Novice High School 15-18 (62)
Jeff Pendlebury (Groovy Cycleworks/OMBC) - Pro/Expert Men (5)
Theodore Rauh (IDUTRI/Chamois Butt'r/OMBC) - Pro/Expert Men (1)
Dennis Wilson (OMBC) - Sport Senior 19-30 (78)
Cato Coleman (Trek Ohio Valley/OMBC) - Sport Veteran 31-40 (17)
Chip Meek (Spinbikeshop/Dieringer cycles/OMBC) - Pro/Expert Men (5)
Jason Kruse (COMBOraceteam/OMBC ) - Novice Veteran 31-40 (70)
Ronald Young (COMBO/wholefoods/OMBC) - Novice Veteran 31-40 (38)
Rusty Brown (CAMBA/OMBC) - Vet Open 35+ (8)
Patrick McConnell (OMBC) - Sport Veteran 31-40 (17)
Paul Remonko (COMBO/Wholefoods/OMBC) - Sport Master 41-49 (30)
Mitch Gay (COMBO Race Team/OMBC) - Novice Master 41-49 (62)
Ryan O'Dell (OMBC/Kenda) - Pro/Expert Men (34)
Joe Merry (OMBC) - Sport Master 41-49 (32)
Jim Core (OMBC) - Sport 50+ (19)
Mark Reynolds (OMBC) - Sport 50+ (64)
Rudy Sroka (OMBC) - Novice 50+ (6)
Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club/OMBC) - Sport 50+ (18)
Mike Dietlin (OMBC) - Sport 60+ (5)
Martin Zakes (OMBC) - Sport Clydesdale (DNF/DNS)
Rodney Reed (OMBC) - Sport Cydesdale (DNF/DNS)
Jeremy Russell (COMBO Race Team/OMBC) - Singlespeed Open (26)
Gary Hocke (COMBO/Roll/OMBC) - Singlespeed Open (DNF/DNS)

Michigan Tailwind Series - 79 points total
Victory Harris (Cross Country Cycle) - Beginner Women 14-Under (4)
Nichole Baker (On 2 Wheels) - Sport Women 25-39 (3)
Lisa Meyer (Flying Rhino Cycling Club) - Beginner Women 30+ (39)
Christian Tanguy (Team CF) - Elite Men (20)
Evan Castile (Team Fraser) - Expert Men 18-Under (29)
Ryan Katulic (Team Giant Michigan) - Expert Men 19-29 (1)
Brendon Waun (Clarkston, Mi) - Beginner Men 19-29 (70)
Jared Medler (Morgans Garage) - Sport Men 19-29 (24)
Adam Sulkowski (Howell, Mi) - Sport Men 30-34 (30)
Adam Naish (RBS Cycling Team) - Expert Men 30-39 (1)
Jim Bonnell (Waterford, Mi) - Sport Men 35-39 (17)
Michael Meyer (Flying Rhino Cycling Club) - Beginner Men 30-39 (19)
Claus Meyer (RBS Cycling Team) - Sport Men 40-44 (26)
David Tischler (Novi, Mi) - Beginner Men 40-49 (58)
David Richardson (Windsor, Ont, Can) - Sport Men 45-49 (DNF/DNS)
Paul Brown (Roll Models Bike Shop) - Expert Men 50+ (1)
Roger Allen ( - Sport Men 50-59 (31)
Niel Scharphorn Sr (Cross Country Cycle) - Sport Men 60+ (6)
Gilbert Johnston (Ford) - Sport Clydesdale (50)
Patrick Russell (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.) - Single Speed - Expert/Elite (7)

2010 DINO - 128 points total
Nicole Borem (DRT Racing) - DINO Cat3 Women (DNF/DNS)
Amelia Nelson (Matthews Bicycles) - DINO Cat2 Women (DNF/DNS)
Christina Halioris (Rogue Racing Project) - DINO Cat2 Women (37)
Cheryl O'Dore ( - DINO Cat3 Women (18)
Christian Ramsey (Scheller's Fitness & Cycling) - DINO Cat3 Junior (DNF/DNS)
Brandon Hamilton (DINO ) - DINO Cat2 Men 19-29 (DNF/DNS)
Brian Falloon - DINO Cat3 Men 19-29 (23)
Christopher Hruska - DINO Cat2 Men 30-34 (23)
Michael Hemelgarn (DRT Racing) - DINO Cat1 Men 30-39 (12)
Anthony Kunkler (Matthews Bicycles) - DINO Cat2 Men 35-39 (10)
Greg Bauer (Kirk's Bike Shop) - DINO Cat2 Men 35-39 (8)
Dave McComb (Men of Steel Racing) - DINO Cat1 Men 40-49 (19)
Michael Wheeler ( / - DINO Cat2 Men 40-49 (8)
Mike Johnson (DRT Racing) - DINO Cat2 Men 40-49 (8)
John Wright (Heroes Foundation) - DINO Cat1 Men 40-49 (26)
Scott Wagner (DRT Consulting) - DINO Cat1 Men 50+ (DNF/DNS)
Steve Harpster (Matthews Bicycles) - DINO Cat2 Men 50+ (7)
Drew Ott (Matthews Bicycles) - DINO Clydesdale (30)

Kentucky Series - 193 points total
Katherine Santos (Red Zone Cycling) - KY (2)
Daniel Santos (Red Zone Cycling) - Ky (9)
Chris Sampley (Capital City Cycles) - KY Cat 2 (DNF/DNS)
Travis Dennison (KyMBA) - KY (DNF/DNS)
Pat Bucayu (Scheller's Cycling) - KY Cat 2 (11)
Martin Sanders (Reser/Fusion) - KY Cat 1 (12)
William Schweiter (Reser/Fusion) - KY Cat1 (45)
Mark Chaffins (Killing Joke Inc.) - KY Cat 2 (20)
Jim Jones (Scheller's Cycling) - KY Cat 2 (74)