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Vuelta Stage 6 reactions

Unzue in 2006

Unzue in 2006 (Image credit: Shane Stokes)

By Monika Prell

Óscar Freire (Rabobank):
"The one who wins in the Vuelta has nothing to do with the World championships. Now it's the year when I won the most races, but it is not my best year, in 2004 (Verona) I felt better. Everybody wants to win and it seems easy, but it is not easy. Cycling is a dangerous sport, but if you intend to sprint you have to be there at 100% because you can't sprint half-hearted," said the Cantabrian according to todociclismo.

Eusebio Unzué, team manager, Caisse d'Epargne:
"The first week was the week of Óscar Freire. He is impressive, it's impossible to beat him if he is not boxed. He wins with authority." About his protégé Vladimir Efimkin he commented: "He begins to like the feel of the gold jersey. What he did is no accident, it's a result of his competitive form. The day after tomorrow will be another thing. He has not done well in the time trials, but he is motivated. In Zaragoza we will get an idea of what this man could achieve in the Vuelta. He is very clever and we will see him in the time trial and in the Pyrenees.

José Ángel Gómez Marchante (Saunier Duval):
The Spaniard admitted that he "was left in the dust, but I did not become nervous. The reason for this was that I went to the car to arrange the radio and later I had to hurry up to enter the first group. I came back very fast."

Joxean Fernández Matxin (Saunier Duval):
"It was a boring stage, too calm for my liking. We said all that mattered was, eating, drinking and staying on the wheels. Tomorrow´s stage will be as calm as today's, just one day closer to the time-trial. We know that Piepoli will make us lose time but this can be good in the long run. And with Marchante we'll try to do everything we can to fight for a place on the GC. Only if his performance in the time-trial is not as good as expected will we set a different goal."

Luis Pérez (Andalucía Cajasur):
The team's leader was conscious of the fact that his team-mate José Antonio López, who formed part of a breakaway group, would not reach the finish line with this group. "It was very difficult for the breakaway group with my team-mate to reach the finish line because the sprinters could not miss the chances they have and for them it was hard to chase them. The wind of today's stage and of the stage of Zaragoza is difficult and complicated."

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