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Ullrich's Olympic medals in danger?

By Susan Westemeyer

Is Jan Ullrich in danger of losing his Olympic medals from the 2000 games in Sydney? Possibly, said Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee. The statute of limitations has not run out on the German cyclist, who won the gold medal in the road race and the silver medal in the time trial, he said. The IOC is investigating whether Ullrich was doping when he won.

Interviewed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Rooge noted that the statute of limitations which applies to this case runs eight years, that is, through September 2008. "We started our investigation before the eight-year deadline. The statute of limitations would only have been effective if there had been no movement at all in the case."

Rogge applauded the withdrawal of various sponsors from cycling, saying. "That is not bad. The cheats must see that they are undermining their sport."

What most disturbed him in cycling this year, he said, was the doping practices of the Freiburger University Clinic, which this year came to light. "To see what happened in Freiburg, that just totally shocked me. I had never thought anything like that could happen."