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Town of Granby supports downhill stage race

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The SolVista Bike Park in Granby, Colorado

The SolVista Bike Park in Granby, Colorado (Image credit: SolVista Bike Park)
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Aaron Gwin racing at the US Mountain Bike National Championships in Granby, Colorado.

Aaron Gwin racing at the US Mountain Bike National Championships in Granby, Colorado. (Image credit: SolVista Bike Park)

The Town of Granby, Colorado, agreed to fund the second annual Triple DHip three-stage downhill race at SolVista Bike Park at Granby Ranch, Colorado, on May 27-30.

Granby is no stranger to national-caliber mountain bike racing. The town played host to all disciplines of mountain bike riders during the 2009 and 2010 USA Cycling Mountain Biking National Championships.

This year the town put up a US$25,000 cash prize purse to draw professionals to the event.

"The Town of Granby has agreed to sponsor the pro purse for the race," said Matt Thompson from SolVista Bike Park at Granby Ranch. "This prize list is competitive with other top-tier events in the US and around the world."

The SolVista Bike Park's sponsors will support the amateur classes with a merchandise purse also valued at $25,000. The combined purses make the Triple DHip a lucrative event for racers of all abilities.

"The Town of Granby is supporting this event because they have witnessed the positive economic impacts that the SolVista Bike Park has had on the town in the past few years," he added. "They are interested in cultivating the culture of cycling and want to help us promote fantastic events that will attract families, racers, and spectators to the area. This area has so much to offer people looking to spend time in the great outdoors with the ones they care about."

Triple DHip is expected to attract top downhill mountain bike racers. Last year, Tyler Morland topped the professional men's category and Kyra Alexander won professional women's race. "We've got a fairly impressive international rider list shaping up, but are not ready to release yet," said Thompson.

On Friday, May 27, the participants will be treated to a dinner and live music located in downtown Granby. Racers will have the opportunity to practice to downhill runs on Saturday, May 28. The racing will begin on Sunday, May 29 with two of the three stages. The final stage is scheduled for Monday, May 30, after which the racers with the lowest three-stage combined times will claim their awards.

"Certainly, our hope is that the prize list will attract a larger number of participants, and from greater outlying areas," Thompson said. "We also hope the large purse will draw the interest of fans and media as well. The event is just a part of the many great things going on around here. We want to use the event to make sure people know about the Town of Granby, the SolVista Bike Park, Granby Ranch, and all the great opportunities here to get outside and enjoy nature."

Registration for the event is open and will close on the eve of the event's start day on Thursday, May 26. Registration costs $75-$85, depending on category, for three downhill stages.