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Scarponi next for FCI

Michele Scarponi will face the Italian cycling federation (FCI) Disciplinary Commission Friday, July 13. The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) anti-doping prosecutors requested an 18-month suspension for the 27 year-old cyclist from Le Marche.

Scarponi's date with the FCI follows ex-Discovery Channel rider Ivan Basso, who was implicated with Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes and issued a 24-month ban from racing. Scarponi was also linked with Fuentes, where he supposedly used the code name 'Zapatero' and 'Il Presidente.'

"Yes, I am Zapatero and Il Presidente," said Italian Scarponi after a two-hour hearing with CONI's Ettore Torri in early May. The rider had been linked with Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, and confirmed his code name. "They are nicknames that they gave to me," he confirmed at the time.