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Quick.Step at the National's

Quick.Step will have riders competing in six countries in this week's European national road championships. The team will have its biggest representation in Belgium, with reigning champion Serge Baguet, title favourite Tom Boonen, as well as Wilfried Cretskens, Kevin Hulsmans, Nick Nuyens, Sebastien Rosseler, Jurgen Van De Walle, Kevin Van Impe, Geert Verheyen, and Wouter Weylandt all presented, with Wilfried Peeters acting as D.S.

In France, Cedric Vasseur will fly the Quick.Step colours, while in Italy, Paolo Bettini will race alongside Francesco Chicchi, Filippo Pozzato, Ivan Santaromita, Matteo Tosatto and Davide Viganò, with Serge Parsani as D.S.

In the Dutch championships, Steven De Jongh, Ad Engels, Servais Knaven, Bram Tankink and Remmert Wielinga will ride, with Rik Van Slycke as D.S. In Spain, it will be reigning champion Juan Manuel Garate and José Antonio Garrido, and in Switzerland, Hubert Schwab.