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Milram to Nürnberg

Team Milram will start in Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt on Sunday, September 14, with four members of its Tour de France team. "Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt is always a great race with lots of fans and guaranteed good mood," said Jochen Hahn, Team Milram's directeur sportif.

"Races like this are important for the young riders, since Germany's youngsters don't have a lot of chances to race against the big names in the scene," Hahn continued. "We will be at the start with a strong team and clearly want ride for the win."

Milram will have two young riders, stagiaire Arne Hassink, and U23 World Champion Peter Velits. The team will be led by Christian Knees, who won the Bayern Rundfahrt in May, and Björn Schröder, who won the Rothaus Regio Tour last month. The squad will be completed by Markus Eichler and Ralf Grabsch. Knees, Schröder, Grabsch and Velits all rode the Tour de France this year.

(Additional editorial assistance provided by Susan Westemeyer.)