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LeMond reaffirms support for Landis

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Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond (Image credit: AFP)
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Greg LeMond likes to ask tough questions

Greg LeMond likes to ask tough questions (Image credit: AFP)
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LeMond won the 1989 by eight seconds and that Tour is still talked about almost 20 years later.

LeMond won the 1989 by eight seconds and that Tour is still talked about almost 20 years later. (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Greg LeMond has given further support to Floyd Landis, making comparisons between his own war of words with Lance Armstrong and Landis' recent accusations against the seven-time Tour de France winner.

Speaking to the USA Today newspaper, LeMond said he feels vindicated by Landis' accusations against Armstrong and other riders and personnel linked to the US Postal Service and Discovery Channel teams. He also recalled his own clashes with Armstrong in recent years after he criticized the Texan after it was revealed he worked with Dr Michele Ferrari.

"I do feel vindicated," LeMond told USA Today. "This has been going on so long, you get used to people thinking there are ulterior motives and jealousy. But that's really just the spin that Armstrong has put on it."

"(Armstrong) has talked about Floyd's mental well-being, as he's done with me and nearly every person who has questioned him."

Armstrong strongly rejected Landis' accusations during the recent Tour of California and has never tested positive during his long career.
When contacted by Cyclingnews, the RadioShack team said they and Armstrong had said everything they wish to say on the matter at the Tour of California.

LeMond told USA Today that he hopes any Federal investigation would get to the bottom of the accusations.

"I hope all of this sheds light on all the corporate enabling that went on, especially the one that tried to take my brand away from me," LeMond said.

LeMond recently went through a bitter two-year legal battle with Trek after the bike manufacturer claimed that LeMond's previous comments about Armstrong had damaged the company. Trek and LeMond had an ongoing deal to sell the LeMond brand of bikes but the two reached a settlement with Trek making two payments of $100,000 to a charity that LeMond is involved with.
"This is all about bullying and threatening those who dared to challenge the story," LeMond said.

"But to really change, there needs to be a cleansing from the top down. Just punishing riders won't fix it. The teams, the corporations that sponsor them and the organizations that govern the sport all have to take responsibility. Right now it is a corrupt system."

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