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Leen Demaré could eat Tom Boonen raw

Belgian RTL radio presenter Leen Demaré was very upset by the suggestions made by some publicity gurus during the latest wave of Tom Boonen mania. In an interview they had said that Boonen would be even more popular if he would exchange his lovely girlfriend Lore for a 'better-known girl'. "How dare they!? Lore is super-sympathetic!" said an outraged Demaré.

Inspired by Tom's T-shirt with the slogan 'Will f*** on first date' (which he wore during a short TV interview just before hitting the discos in Spain last Sunday evening), Leen launched her own designer competition during her morning program Leen. On Wednesday morning, Leen already posed with the winning slogan of Natasha from Mechelen: "Will eat Boonen on first date."

Courtesy of Sabine Sunderland