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Landbouwkrediet for upcoming races

Belgian team Landbouwkrediet-Colnago has announced its line-ups for the next-up races. At the Cras Avernas taking place in Belgium on Sunday, June 11, the Continental squad under the guidance of Claude Criquielion is sending Nico Sijmens, Bert De Waele, Jean Claude Lebeau , Fréderic Amorison, Kevin Neirynck, Johan Verstrepen, Jean Paul Simon and Mathieu Criquielion to competition.

At the Ster Elektrotoer stage race in the Netherlands, scheduled a few days later from June 14-17, Landbouwkrediet will be represented through Filip Meirhaeghe, Nico Sijmens, Bert De Waele, Sven Renders, Fréderic Amorison, Jean Claude Lebeau, Steve Cummings and Johan Verstrepen. DS: Marco Saligari.