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Karpin Galicia and Fuerteventura - Canarias for Vuelta a la Rioja

By Monika Prell

The team Fuerteventura - Canarias has announced its roster for the coming Vuelta a la Rioja April 27 to 29. David Bernabeu will be accompanied by his team mates Dailos Díaz, David Belda, Chimo Ortega, Antonio Piedra, Iker Leonet, Manuel Lloret, and Javier Cherro.

Karpin Galicia will participate with the following riders: Under the survey of Sport Directos José Ángel Vidal will compete Marcos Serrano, Gustavo Cesar Veloso, Gonzalo Rabuñal, Serafín Martínez, Enrique Salgueiro, David Herreo and David García. Two of the riders will reappear in competition after injuries: David García is cured from his collarbone-break and Eladio Jímenez is able to ride again after his fall in the Vuelta a Mallorca, where he suffered a fissure of a vertebra.