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Gustov starting over

Volodymir Gustov, who just like Fabian Cancellara and Ivan Basso will join Team CSC from Fassa Bortolo, is looking forward to his seventh season as a professional next year, especially since the team change represents a new beginning after many years in the same squad. "In a way it feels like starting all over after six years on the same team," Gustov said. "I'm very motivated to show something. So my ambition is to prove I fit in the team and then to do as good as possible, when racing."

A first step in integrating the team led by Bjarne Riis has been made at the training camp in December, which the Ukrainian enjoyed. "It was great," Gustov recalled. "I was in the military in Ukraine, but this was completely different and of course with a different objective. It was really interesting to solve the many assignments together with my teammates, and I believe that's something we can use in the new season."

Gustov hopes to participate once again in the Tour de France, which he rates as his biggest accomplishment so far in his career. As for his personal goals, the 28 year-old denied having set his mind on any particular event. "I must admit that there's no particular race I'd like to win the most," Gustov continued. "I haven't won a lot of races, so when it happens, it's always a big thing for me. So let me put it this way: It would be nice to win any race."